Overnight workers keep county moving

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A Yorkshire road worker is helping to make drivers aware of what happens on the region’s roads while they are asleep.

Shaun Frost, who works for Colas North Surfacing, is part of an army of workers who have spent more than a million hours working through the night to repair and maintain the region’s major roads.

He leads a resurfacing team which works on roads across Yorkshire and has recently completed jobs on the M62 and M18.

He is supporting a Highways England initiative to raise awareness about overnight work on the roads, by speaking out about his job.

He said: “Whilst the closures are usually put on 8pm until 6am our main hours of working are between 10pm and 3am when the majority of people are asleep.

“You might not always see us, however we are out on the roads getting the job done.”

Changing weather, keeping safe and keeping to timescales are just some of the challenges Mr Frost has to face.

He said: “We are very aware that if a job runs over time this has a knock on effect – if we don’t finish on time then people are delayed and we are all aware of how important it is to stick to timescales.

“When you work at night you have limited resources to back you up if things go wrong. 
We have to make sure that we plan for that and have additional resources on standby so that if something goes wrong we can still get the job done.”

A YouTube video has been 
released as part of the campaign, giving a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on after dark.

Roger Wantling, a team leader at Highways England, said: “We put road workers out on our motorway and major A roads network every night in 
all kinds of weather to carry out repairs and improvements when the roads are quieter.”