YP Comment: Last act of kindness for Yorkshire veteran Stewart Cooney

Army veteran Stewart Cooney.
Army veteran Stewart Cooney.
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HOW sad it is that there should be no family to mourn Stewart Cooney, a man who served his country gallantly in wartime, as he goes to rest.

And yet how heartening that there are those rallying round to ensure that an old soldier’s funeral will be well-attended, and his passing marked with the respect and dignity that he deserves.

This is an act of compassion and thoughtfulness that will rightly be applauded throughout Yorkshire. and beyond.

There can be no doubt that the call for mourners will be answered, and their presence will be a salute to Mr Cooney, who fought during the Second World War.

Far too many come to the end of their days with few, if any, people to mourn them. Perhaps the lesson to be drawn from those moved to attend Mr Cooney’s funeral is that more of us should make the effort to befriend the elderly and let them know that we care.


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