Yorkshire inmates to be offered training as chefs in bid to steer them away from life of crime - 10 things you said

Yorkshire prisoners will be offered the chance to steer away from a life of crime by training to work in professional run kitchens.

By Emma Ryan
Sunday, 22nd August 2021, 4:45 pm

The Clink scheme was launched a decade ago and operates in eight prisons around the country. It is being expanded to 17 more including Leeds and New Hall in Wakefield.

The scheme has been largely supported by readers on our facebook page, but others were not convinced.

Here's what you had to say about the issue...

HMP Leeds.

Sara Tonkinson: "Brilliant scheme I've seen some of these before. One also had kitchen garden ( more training opportunities in gardening) and a popular restaurant attached. Think that was a cat C prison somewhere."

Julie Gelder: "You all might want to look at Cardiff Prison. They train a lot of inmates to be chefs and they have a restaurant called The Clink. All staffed by prisoners. You can get a really good meal."

Kevin Mcloughlin: "Great idea and a real chance to give someone a second chance in life. God knows I've had them in mine and I suspect most of us have in some way. Good luck to all in the scheme."

Darren Scriven: "Definitely should be more help in prison to try get them a career after, seems counterproductive ruining criminals career chances after being in jail if they can’t make money legally what else will they do."

John Pepperday: "If successful should save plenty of tax payers money amongst the other benefits."

Samuel Bennington: "Rehabilitation is equally as important as the idea of prison."

Bill Hewitt: "Will make a welcome change from a training in the perpetual crime merry go round."

Lianne Sykes: "As usual criminals get better help than law abiding people."

Abbie Boyd: "Teach them whatever you want it doesn't matter because most of them don't have the discipline and work ethic to make decent use of it when they are released."

Gary McHugh: "Wish I was young enough to take advantage of our shockingly poor justice system. God knows why anyone works for a living."

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