Yorkshire hospital put on high alert as boss says 'only come to the A&E if you really need to' - Ten things you said

Members of the public were asked to only use a hospital's A&E services if "they really needed to"

Sunday, 12th September 2021, 4:45 pm

Rotherham Hospital was declared to have Opel four status - a scale used by the NHS to measure the demand that a hospital is under.

Opel four is the highest escalation level, and means that the hospital is “unable to deliver comprehensive care” and patient safety is at risk.

Here are ten things you said about it...

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A Yorkshire hospital that was put on high alert for demand and pressure.

SuBz Qureshi: "All the hospitals A&E are suffering because GP surgeries are closed and GPs are not seeing patience face to face. Don't understand why the GPs are not seeing patience face to face when the lock down has come to an end?"

Perminder Kundi: "Well tell our GP surgeries open again, people can't get in to see anyone, what are they meant to do?"

Michelle Wood: "Not surprising as most vulnerable people over 65 haven't seen a doctor in over 18mth. The phone calls do hardly anything. The hospitals are paying the price."

Michele Bee: "Open GP surgeries for face to face consultations!! Some patients need this service, if it’s not available they will go to A&E regardless of the waiting times!

However…still some GPs are referring patients to A&E too many times these days! Blame and claim society has brought this about!"

Anthony Newton: "Here comes the winter lock-down because all hospitals will struggle through winter."

Marie Newby: "Some people go to A&E with the smallish problems. Once waiting in A&E a guy next to me with a small cut."

Julie Gray: "Clearly they are all on 'operation four' all the time as the services and care they deliver or should we say don't deliver is shameful! Nothing new here."

Anne Brearley: "Short staffed is the problem."

Rob Berry: "Meanwhile our doctors surgeries won’t answer their phones!!!"

Phil Maballs: "All part of the plan to privatise. If the big bosses didn't have such ridiculous salaries, maybe they could afford the extra staff."