YEP says: There should be no stigma to mental health issues

WHILST the inquest into the tragic death of 28-year-old Martyn Holland has still to determine exactly why he died his family has spoken out about his mental health and urged others not to suffer in silence.

By Hannah Thaxter
Monday, 6th May 2019, 5:33 am

There should be no stigma to mental health problems, but nonetheless people do often find it hard to talk about problems they are having or feel they cannot admit that they are struggling to cope.

His heartbroken brother Chris told the YEP that he felt Martyn did not tell the family the full extent of his problems.

Chris said: “We are taught to bottle our feelings up and not discuss them because we are strong. That’s what society has deemed appropriate, but it’s not the case. Martyn was battling depression and mental health issues for a couple of years. It is very difficult to talk to people about mental health issues unless they talk to you.”

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This is why things like the YEP’s #Speakyourmind campaign is still so relevant and needed. It is why this paper will continue to raise awareness of mental health issues and publicise the great work that goes on in and around Leeds to offer help and support to those struggling and to their families and friends.

Mental health problems are costing people their lives and robbing families of their loved ones.

It is a scandal that they do not get the attention or funding that physical health issues do, but they should.