YEP says: Power up North is a voice which needs to be heard

The voice of the north has to be heard
The voice of the north has to be heard
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TODAY the Yorkshire Evening Post stands squarely with its sister titles, and fellow newspapers in the region to demand a better deal for the North.

It’s about time that the talking stopped and we started seeing some action. The North/South divide should have been consigned to the dustbin of history a long time ago. It belongs to an age of the Ford Capri, British Rail’s cardboard sandwiches and Andy Capp.

The North of England has been shouting as loud as it can about what it has to offer - but it seems that voice, whilst it can be heard across the globe judging by the number of visitors our numerous tourist attractions bring annually, or the companies from overseas who chose to invest in our companies and our cities - our cries fall on deaf ears just a few miles down the road in our Capital city.

You can hop on a train in Leeds and be in London in just over two hours and yet trying to change hearts and minds in Westminster about the north is taking decades.

There are vague promises of course, there have been a succession of smiling PM’s shown deferentially through our very newsroom, who speak highly of our excellent potential.

It’s not good enough to trot out the same old promises and not back them with some action.

As the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu himself says: “What are our political leaders afraid of?”