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Campaign to demand our trains are fixed

Newspapers across the north have joined forces to demand our trains are fixed. Delayed trains cancellations and sweeping timetable reforms are just some of the issues facing passengers using Northern rail services. Northern launched an eight-week interim timetable on Monday - removing 165 trains - six per cent of its services. Northern’s policy is for passengers to only claim compensation based on the alternative timetable rather than previous versions. The reduced timetables failed to stop Monday becoming the start of a third week of rail chaos for passengers. Even before the new timetables Northern services suffered frequent delays and cancellations. Here are the views of some YEP readers..

M Clayton, Leeds 8

REGARDING the letter ‘Rail company’s courtesy is just the ticket,’ (YEP Letters May 22), from Sir Andrew Cook CBE of Champery, Switzerland, praising Northern Rail’s favourable response to his complaints - he was lucky - perhaps because of his prestigious title.

I wrote to the YEP two months ago about my day trip to Morecambe with Northern Rail on March 22. I decided to catch the last train back to Leeds at 19:08 only to arrive at the station to find that it had been cancelled, leaving 13 passengers stranded on the unmanned station. The YEP printed my letter detailing all our efforts to get to our destinations.

One of the other stranded passengers provided us with information on the compensation scheme for delayed or cancelled trains:

Delay of between 30 and 59 minutes - compensation of one single ticket to anywhere on the Northern network or 50% off the cost of your single ticket or relevant portion of your return ticket.

Delay of between 60 and 119 minutes - compensation of two single tickets to anywhere on the Northern network or 100% off the cost of your single ticket or relevant portion of your return ticket. Delay of more than 120 minutes - compensation of two return tickets to anywhere on the Northern network or 100% off the cost of your ticket (single or return).

I wrote to Northern Rail to ask for the maximum compensation as they cancelled the last train of the day with no reasons given and no offer of assistance. That was two months ago and I am still waiting for a response.

Jacquie Tearall, via Facebook

I booked direct, no change train from London to Bradford interchange travelling Wednesday (due to signal failures?).

The passengers didn’t know if we were going to arrive on the correct route, after waiting we did continue but stations were then missed out. On Sunday 3rd I was informed two minutes before my train was due that it was cancelled, waited, told we were going to Wakefield by coach and then driven to Darlington. I was then told I would have to travel to Birmingham before arriving at Euston.

I had to pay £58 to catch a different train to get back to Kings Cross. I suffer high blood pressure,anxiety, and have a bad back. I was totally distraught. My poor daughter had to pay to travel with me to Darlington and it took her six hours to get back to Bradford and myself just over. I had not seen my girl since Christmas and braved the trains to see her. I will NEVER do this again, still suffering panic today.

Shaun Rose, via Facebook

Northern needs to lose the Franchise and be ran by the government like Virgin East Coast.

Nickie Grimston , via Facebook

Last week on my regular work commute to Nottingham from Leeds, my train was cancelled, then on my return, we were terminated at Sheffield.

Luckily, I work for a very understanding company.... not sure how long patience will last though. This week, I have abandoned my travel plans, too stressful!

John Cunningham, via Facebook

Northern Rail were rubbish before the current changes to timetables, moving train times and removing services, a blind man with a stick could see this coming.

Helen Elizabeth Abbott, via Facebook

Delays and only two carriages on Horsforth to Leeds. It’s ridiculous.

Andy Blackburn, via Facebook

It’s added one hour to my commute each way. Absolute joke!

Kieren Freer , via Facebook

The Woodlesford line is an absolute shambles.

There two carriages every time which leaves multiple passengers waiting half hour/ hour for another train.

I haven’t been on one single train that has been on time since the timetable change, not that it was much better before the change. The timetable change has made this line worse not better.

Lynne Carrington, via Facebook

The government should step in and take franchise off them.

David Edgar-Brown, via Facebook

I feel bad for the crews involved.

They are only able to take what trains turn up.

The Government is at fault for not having the trains promised in place or the infrastructure ready for the timetable change which is government-led.

Ian Lawton, via Facebook

When Arriva had this franchise a few years ago they lost out in the bidding when it came up for renewal with Serco-Abellio awarded it, a Dutch company. The franchise came up for grabs again and Arriva were awarded it again! Surely if they got it wrong the first time, why on earth they were awarded the franchise again?

Who allows this to happen?

Henry Cobden, Ilkley

SO now we have to put up with trains that are too long for the platforms because Network Rail won’t extend them.

Who is in charge of the railways – and who allows this to happen?

Oh, silly me, it’s Chris ‘don’t blame me’ Grayling.

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