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Can we revert back to Common Market?

Barrie Crowther, Wakefield

THE customs union is just another name for a trading area with like-for-like tariffs.

Is this just the same as a Common Market? Which is what we voted for in the 1970s. Presumably all the original agreements still exist?

If this is the case, how complicated is it to revert back, without all the complications of a political tie-up?

The monetary figures talked about for a complicated new system are mind-boggling.

This, the British people’s money, is better spent on home soil.

NHS needs more than just money

Richard Saberton, by email

Now the government has belatedly decided that it is politically expedient to talk about setting up adequate funding for the NHS, it is to be hoped that they will also completely overhaul the service.

Merely throwing money at this massive institution is not enough. It needs a massive shake up and review of its current management and practices, a lot of which are just not fit for purpose. While the vast majority of the staff are hardworking and dedicated there are, as there are in all large institutions, those who are just not up to it either through lack of ability or lack of motivation. Those happy to let others carry the heavy load, to watch rather than act or help.

Anyone who has spent any time in a hospital will know that there are those who do and those who are always walking the other way with a piece of paper in their hand doing something ‘important’, or who will be ‘back in a minute’.

Those same ones who are always missing when there is something hard or unpleasant to do or arrive just after everything has been sorted bleating ‘you should have waited for me’. The managers who have been promoted beyond their capabilities and understanding and are consequently unable to lead and direct their staff. These people must be weeded out and retrained and instructed in what is expected of them - and if they can’t or won’t step up they should be sacked.

It may seem harsh but if the NHS is to survive another 70 years it must be done. If it isn’t then no amount of money will make the NHS fit for purpose and will open the door again for future governments to start implementing cuts. Public opinion will also soon change if they don’t see major changes resulting from the increase in taxes that are currently being talked about.

What’s new on train travel?

Norman Hazell, Wakefield

The media is buzzing with stories of a way to reduce the cost of buying tickets to travel on railway, as though this is an exciting new way to reduce cost.

How ridiculous: 15 years ago, when I developed a fascination for supporting The Clarets, (Burnley FC) travelling not just to Turf Moor, but all over the country. Their brand of the great game really caught my imagination and I became very friendly with their cheerful, happy supporters. I was soon introduced to a great way to reduce cost of travel by train. Simply by splitting my tickets, which was a bit of a nuisance for staff at the stations but my requests were always dealt with understanding.

So, travel to Birmingham involved tickets to Barnsley, then Sheffield and Derby, saving me about 40 per cent of a ‘through’ ticket. I passed on this legitimate process to friends and have taken advantage ever since, so what’s new?

Real meaning of community

A Ward, Leeds 8

In last Monday’s edition of the YEP your correspondent Philip Crowther asks if “community” exists.

Apparently not according to two reports this week - arsonists destroy for the third time the award-winning nature trail in Newmillerdam Country Park, and thieves steal the van belonging to St Gemma’s Hospice. These are just two stories of anti-social behaviour in our area. There’s probably more examples of mindless cruelty and vandalism which go unreported. According to the dictionary one meaning of the word “community” is “the people of a country or district considered collectively, especially in the context of social values and responsibilities.”

When community in its real sense did exist, people lived close to each other and knew each other’s business (perhaps too much so) but at least there was a certain amount of respect and care.

Nowadays many people don’t know the meaning of the words “social values” and won’t take responsibility for anything, including checking where their child is, what they are up to and who their friends are.

The volunteers who work so hard to do good things for the community do understand what that word means, and should be supported by everyone, then the real meaning of community will return.

One-sided relationship with banks

Ernest Lundy, by email

Most of us have had to pay the cost of being late paying off our credit card bill at some time or another and suffered the consequences.

This, even when our funds are not overdrawn, but merely due to accident or oversight. Yet our friendly bankers give us little or nothing in the way of interest on our deposits. Without which they would fail to operate. What a one sided relationship this is. Indeed a famous person once wrote: “It is easier to rob by setting up a bank than by robbing one.” American President Thomas Jefferson also wrote: “If people of any nation ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

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