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Heathrow Airport.
Heathrow Airport.
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Why not expand regional airports?

Judy Goodwin, Altofts

Politicians have decided to expand Heathrow airport, why?

I know politicians can see no further than their own back yard but London is full to the rafters with people and cars, in 10 years’ time it will be one gigantic car park.

Why not expand other small airports throughout the UK with good 24-hour transport services, instead of pouring more money into the capital?

Longstanding outsourcing chaos for GPs

Dr Richard Vautrey, BMA GP committee chair, Leeds.

AMID the longstanding chaos caused by the outsourcing of GP support services – as clearly exposed by the recent National Audit Office report – here is another damning indictment of NHS England’s inability to deliver basic administrative efficiency in back-office systems.

Given the ongoing confusion and lack of effective communication, it is regrettable yet understandable that some practices may have, in good faith, sent misdirected correspondence on to PCSE (Primary Care Support England). This would have been the arrangement before NHS England tried to cut costs by commissioning PCSE services to Capita two years ago.

Ever since the scale of the problem became clear, the BMA has been pressuring NHS England to get an action plan in place, including a guarantee of proper funding for practices to deal with the resulting increase in workload.

However, if NHS England had managed the situation properly then it would not have needed to spend £2.4m resolving the issue, and this could have been money instead spent on patient services and practices struggling with workloads and bureaucracy.

Overall this report underlines the need for NHS England to get to grips with a problem that has been disrupting general practice for years, and to introduce an effective system that guarantees safe and efficient care.

Devastating impact of transport cuts

Iain Dalton, Leeds 8

I have to express my full support for parents involved in the Disability Empowerment Action Links (DEAL) campaign against the removal of council-organised transport for 16-18 year olds with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

This move has been justified by the council leadership on the basis that this is not a service they have a statutory duty to provide - but will have a devastating impact on the lives of parents who will be forced to give up work.

Leeds is not the only council to have adopted this move, parents in other cities such as Coventry are also fighting their council over similar cutbacks to transport for SEND students.

As myself and other Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidates pointed out in the local elections - this is the logic of the council failing to mobilise serious resistance to the government’s austerity measures which have slashed council budgets over the last eight years. Undoubtely, further ‘difficult decisions’ will be made by the council in future years which would have devastating impacts like this on other Leeds residents, unless cuts like this are reversed by the council as part of a campaign that works with the DEAL parents and other local residents, trade unions and campaign groups to fight for the funding our city needs.

Months of disruption

Stuart Stoner, Wakefield

I think to say the finish date for the Wakefield Kirkgate ‘improvement scheme ‘ will be delayed by a month is very much skirting the issue.

The council can pontificate and blame contractors or utilities but again they are at the motorist, local businesses and the Wakefield residents having to suffer months and months of disruption for the sake of some new walls, walkways and a roundabout.

Why it was ever started in the first place beggars belief, just to fill-in the disused subway. A lump of concrete each end, job done.

Why have they spent/wasted £5.5 million of taxpayers’ money on brick paths and stone walls etc?

At the end of the day it’s a roundabout and spending all that money putting new grass in the middle, not to mention all that disruption to local business, isn’t going to change that fact.

Humbled by flying visit

Pat Wood, Hawksworth

IT was mentioned that ornithologists were intrigued about the lack of swallows and house martins in the area.

I have lived in Hawksworth village in West Yorkshire for a number of years now, and each year swallows have come to nest in the barn.

In the last five years, house martins have also come to nest here too.

One feels very humbled to think that these little birds fly all the way from South Africa to spend the summer at my home.

Thanks to RAFA volunteers

Amy Robinson, Northern Area Director for the RAF Association

There are many reasons why tens of thousands of people volunteer in this country every year.

Some do it to gain new skills, some to meet people and some do it because they simply want to help others, but very few of them will do it to receive thanks. The Royal Air Forces Association wants to say thank you to the people who volunteer every week to make the lives of members of the RAF family better.

Whether they befriend a lonely and isolated RAF widow, edit a story recorded by an RAF parent for their child to listen to while they are working away from home, fundraise to make these things possible or help run one of our 400 branches and clubs, the Association would be nothing without their dedication. Thank you from me and all those you help.If you would like to join us in helping the RAF family, simply visit

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