YEP Letters: July 7

5 July 2018......  George Nicholaides, left, the owner of Olympic Coffee House, a traditional Greek-Cypriot cafe in Leeds, is  closing down his cafe, one of the last traditional greasy spoons in the city centre, on New Msarket Street. Picture Tony Johnson.
5 July 2018...... George Nicholaides, left, the owner of Olympic Coffee House, a traditional Greek-Cypriot cafe in Leeds, is closing down his cafe, one of the last traditional greasy spoons in the city centre, on New Msarket Street. Picture Tony Johnson.
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Tributes as city cafe closes after 40 years

A popular Leeds cafe known for its cooked breakfasts has closed after more than 40 years in the same owner’s hands. Olympic Coffee House near Kirkgate Market had been run by 69-year-old George Nicholaides and his family since 1977. They have now sold the building to retire as his children run businesses of their own. The cafe was a popular meeting place for Leeds United fans travelling to away matches in the 80s and 90s and Whites players even used to eat there before games in its early years. Customers and YEP readers have taken to Facebook to pay tribute to George - who came to the UK from Cyprus in 1955 - and his family. Here’s what they had to say..

Dawn Lightwood

Sad to hear they’re closing. Spent many a Saturday morning in here. Me and the hubs went in the day before our wedding – they nipped out and bought us a card and gift from the staff.

Julie Green

Wow, I worked there as a Saturday girl, in 1985. Worked 8am-6pm for £10.

Maggi Parkinson

My love to George and Helen – I saw all their little ones grow up, no better bacon and tomato sarnie in Leeds.

Leona Sheard

This was a really good cafe as I used to go there after a night out after leaving the night club in the morning, it was fantastic.

Joanne Batt

Always used to go here with mum, chips and a can of coke.

Dennis Mitchell

Will miss going there, been going in for years and years, Scotty the market barber, all the best to you and family.

David Fred Thorp

City centre just won’t be the same, enjoy the well deserved retirement.

Bhavesh Sonigra

All the best to George and the family!

Daryl Beaumont

The best liver and onions ever.

Colin Ramsden

I had my last breakfast there yesterday.

Steven O’Connor

A few bacon sarnies in there mate before the odd away game.

Steven Gibbons

Aww gutted, stopped in there many a time for a nice lunch.

Corey Dyson

Loved this caf.

Janet Davis

Great cafe and staff.

Carolyn Riley

That’s a shame, I miss that style of cafes. Not enough of them left.

James Varley

Me and my late father used it all the time when we worked at the Central nightclub which was just around the corner – such a sad day.

Maureen Davies

Will miss visiting your café George, I have been going for nearly 30 years. All the best for your retirement I guess you will be helping the lads out from time to time!

Law needs strengthening

John Appleyard, by email

This summer’s heatwave has lifted my spirits, but it’s no fun for dogs left baking in hot cars, it’s dangerous and if left too long could kill them.

A car can become as hot as an oven and leaving a window open or parking in the shade doesn’t make much difference either.

Most offenders only get off with a warning because under the 2006 Animal Welfare Act a dog has to die or be taken ill before action can be taken.

The law needs strengthening and should also introduce signposts in car parks to help dog owners from breaking the law.

Action on empty houses

Kamran Hussain, Yorkshire and Humber Liberal Democrats Regional Chair and Brexit Spokesperson

The Liberal Democrats this week have pressurised the Conservative Government to take decisive action on empty houses, by giving new powers to councils.

Under pressure from the Liberal Democrats, the government has accepted the principle of an amendment from Liberal Democrats Peers, Baroness Pinnock and Lord Shipley to set in place an escalator of council tax charges.

This would mean that the longer the property was left empty, the more council tax would have to be paid. This follows on from the speech by the party leader, Vince Cable MP last week, who called for an increase in council tax for properties that have deliberately been left empty.

We are pleased that the government has finally listened and accepted the Liberal Democrat amendment in the House of Lords. This is an important step in tackling the housing crisis. The housing crisis is a human crisis, with thousands of people unable to afford a home of their own, trapped in temporary accommodation or worse, sleeping on the streets. And by bringing more empty properties into use, helps save precious green belt from development.

Are we poor?

J Taylor, Leeds 10

Many thousands of words have been written about poverty throughout the world but in this once great country of 
ours we don’t call it poverty we call it mismanagement of funds.

How can anyone really say we are poor when people spend many thousands on holidays, have cars, spend many hundreds of pounds on the latest mobile phones and eat in very good restaurants? Yet some people say I cannot afford to give them breakfast.

Rubbish. Six eggs £1, bag of porridge £1, two pints of milk £1.

I don’t like looking back, wages £3 per week, no family allowance, six children to feed, yet people managed.