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Jubilee wing at the LGI.
Jubilee wing at the LGI.
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Paying tribute to our NHS staff

C Schofield, by email

I would like to pay tribute to the NHS for what they did for me on, and after, February 26.

Whilst attending a funeral of a dear friend I suffered a cardiac arrest, in the chapel, and was fortunate that there were people present who were trained in CPR and they kept me going while the paramedics arrived. The funeral director also went to collect a defibrillator from a local garage to help with the procedure.

After being ‘shocked’ four times, by the paramedics, they got a pulse and I was then rushed off to the LGI. After some time in resus I was admitted to the cardiac ward where I spent six days and also had a pacemaker/defibrillator implant.

I realise how very lucky I have been thanks to the paramedics, doctors and nurses of the NHS and the people who applied CPR. It was also good that the paramedics took time to visit me at the LGI.

Plan for two new rail stations: your views

LEEDS residents are being invited to have a say on proposals to create two new rail stations in the city. People are being invited to give feedback on proposals for new stations at White Rose and Thorpe Park as part of a Connecting Leeds bid to improve transport in the city. The proposals have been put forward by Leeds City Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority - working closely with the rail industry - Rail North and the Leeds transport advisory panel and other local stakeholders. Public engagement on the proposals started this week and ends on Friday July 27. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Hugh Crow

Have your consultation but do it, just don’t keep debating it. Both would make sense and become major assets.

While you’re doing it why don’t you do one to the airport too – you know all that stuff about Leeds being a European city – and without being too extravagant how about a link road there too. You know, similar to that one Sheffield has built to that major European aviation transport hub Robin Hood, Doncaster, Sheffield Airport (Finningley).

Gazza Weare

About time they put a link to Leeds Bradford Airport. Another missed opportunity. You can jump on a train in Leeds and it takes you to Manchester airport. Do that in Leeds to LBA and you go to Kirkstall Road or Guiseley.

David Rodgers

Already been discussed to the airport and rejected on the grounds that the gradient would be too steep for trains 
to climb from the Harrogate line.

Best you can hope for is the park and ride station being proposed north of Horsforth station with the airport shuttle bus connecting the station to the terminal.

Michelle Potts

It’s a shame because there needs to be a way for people who don’t drive to be able to travel there, particularly airport workers.

Andrew Lawson

Why do they need a station at White Rose? It’s not a destination if you are in Leeds as it already has all the White Rose offers and much more.

Rodney Wheelhouse

When I worked for the railway I went to a site meeting about building a station for the White Rose Centre just before building started.

They don’t rush into things, do they?

Margaret Thompson

Build stations then don’t schedule trains to stop there! Kirkstall and Apperley Bridge spring to mind. Only in Leeds.

Jennifer Poole

South Leeds Middleton is required! Nearest is Morley or Outwood.

Benny Karr

There needs to be an existing line going through there already. Can’t build a station without a line.

Gill Hartley

Brilliant idea, better and faster than a bus.

Ian Holmes

It’s needed, I used to commute to Thorpe Park from South Leeds on public transport and it was a nightmare.

Maria Moore

I think it’s a great idea to have a train station at White Rose and Thorpe Park, hope it comes off.

Matt Robinson

Train stations are not the problem in Leeds, it’s the service itself that’s the problem. Sort the service out and the rest will all fall into place.

Michaela Jepson

Methley station would be nice.

Sam Mu

The White Rose is a good idea. It will make it more convenient for shoppers and people who work around that area to travel there. There’s lots of offices round there too. It’d be easier for some shoppers and commuters to hop on a train instead of driving.

Rick Poppa

Sorry, White Rose? Why?

Graham Metcalfe

Plans proposed to build large mixed estate residential business and education nearby – where the five a side indoor football was – station will be near there.

Daniel Milnes

Ease the congestion on the ring road at peak times? The roundabout at the Elland Road junction is terrible.

City centre road problems for cyclists

A Hague, Leeds

So money is scarce but surely Leeds Council can at least keep roads in central Leeds decent?

Like York Street, New York Street and Wellington Street near Queen Street where cyclists are having to do dodgems at the risk of being run over.

It’s no help marking some and not doing them until months later.

Name is breath of fresh air

Mr G A Hall, Alwoodley

The railways have had a bad time lately, so the ‘new’ name for the East Coast routes is a breath of fresh air.

LNER may not mean much to the average rail passenger but between 1923 and 1948 it was one of the Big 4 rail companies ie LNER, LMS, SR and GWR.

The hey days were pre WW2 in the 1930s Sir Nigel Gresley chief mechanical engineer of the LNER produced such icons as A3 Flying Scotsman and record holder A4 pacific Mallard. These and their class mates hauled prestigious trains such as Flying Scotsman and The West Riding.

After the Second World War the railways were worn out, and financially on their knees and were nationalised in 1948.

In a positive vane, let us hope the new Azuma trains which start running on the East Coast later this year live up to the past glories of the old LNER!

Brexit not delivering on its promises

Anthony Gledhill, Roundhay

I implore all British people: do all you can to stop Brexit!

You will have seen many polls and news items which show that the balance of public opinion has changed and Brexit is no longer wanted. This change of public opinion is because Brexit is not delivering on its promises.

This change in public opinion is driven by the daily warnings of the dire economic consequences of Brexit. A strong economy underpins out ability to spend on public services such as the NHS, education and welfare.

Our economy trades 44 per cent of its exports with Europe on a tariff free basis. Such a volume of trade under such favourable conditions cannot be replaced quickly or easily.

Whatever you voted in the referendum, no one voted to be poorer.

Everyone has the right to change their mind. We are still in the EU until March 29, 2019, and until then we can change our mind.

Every reader must contact their MP and demand a people’s vote on the Brexit deal before March 29, 2019. After that date it could take a generation to rejoin the EU.

If we remain in the EU, flawed as it is, we can continue our long tradition of campaigning for, and achieving, change in the EU. In that way we can move the EU towards the really good and effective organisation it can be.If you didn’t vote to be poorer, contact your MP and demand a people’s vote on the facts of the actual Brexit deal. For your children’s sake! It’s really easy to contact your MP, just Google how to do it.

‘All about making money’

Mr D Laws, by email

Regarding the LBA/Welcome to Yorkshire partnership, most people are not interested in more bars /shops /retail outlets. How about sorting out that dirty cold corridor you have to walk down to/from the plane? In winter it’s horrendous.

It’s all about making money as soon as the passenger turns up.

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