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Leeds Bradford Airport
Leeds Bradford Airport
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Vision is needed on airport plans

Jim Smith, Whitkirk

Regarding Leeds Bradford Airport (YEP February 8), don’t these people who run the airport have any vision at all?

We need to electrify the railways, we need to try and stay away from building new roads.

If it’s too expensive to put a train line into the airport go fo a cheaper option and put a cable car from the new station. Make it a visitor attraction.

If we fly from Leeds Bradford we can ride on their cable car.

They don’t have a cable car at Manchester, you have to wait for the bus. No contracts with bus companies 24/7, 365 days a year.

Please Leeds Bradford, look to the future. And stay away from buses.

MPs behaving responsibly in referendum call

James Bovington, Horsforth

YOUR correspondent Michael O’Sullivan accuses a number of Labour MPs of faking sincerity (YEP Letters February 4) as they rightly campaign for a second referendum while claiming to respect the outcome of the first.

Of course the result of the first referendum is being respected. No one is ignoring it, more’s the pity, as it steals from me and millions of others the right to live, work and study elsewhere in Europe and to develop a shared mission of peace and prosperity for our continent.

The strident voices of the wealthy right-wing Eurosceptics dripped with the honey of fake sincerity as they claimed amongst various other bits of unbelievable nonsense that the UK would be able to ‘have its trade cake and eat it’, and that others would be falling over themselves to secure even better trade deals with us than those that we already have in the EU. Others describe how Donald Trump is itching to give us the best trade deal ever this side of the asteroid belt, oblivious to the fact that firstly he doesn’t have the power, Congress does, and that actually there is no guarantee that dastardly Donald will still be in charge when the trade deal comes up for signature.

So, as responsible elected representatives, the MPs cited correctly suggest that their constituents might like to think again. If the result of a further referendum is to leave, then I will never submit a letter calling for EU membership again. However if young people aged 16 and 17 were also allowed to vote – and why not as they plan apprenticeships and university places that offer the chance to study throughout the EU? – I predict 20 million voting ‘Remain’. So bring it on. What are Leavers frightened of? Democracy?

A dangerous precedent

Richard Saberton, by email

Do those lobbying for another referendum on Brexit realise the monster they are in danger of creating? Do they seriously think that, irrespective of the outcome, the losers will be happy?

That they won’t demand yet another referendum? A dangerous precedent will have been set, it will invalidate the whole concept of a referendum. We will be in danger of becoming paralysed because we can’t or won’t implement a democratically reach majority decision.

Businesses will have no certainty so will be unable to plan for the future. Many, if they can, will relocate to other countries; few will feel confident enough to make major investments in this country. Our potential trading partners will be loathe to enter agreements with a country that can’t make a decision let alone stick to it. Or alternatively they will offer deals that are punitive to reflect the uncertainty of dealing with us. We are in danger of becoming not just a laughing stock but a laughing stock that can’t make it’s mind up what it wants and that no one can trust.

Food shortage hysteria

Brian Johnston, Burmantofts

The latest Brexit scare, is the growing hysteria of supposed food shortages, in the event of a no deal exit on March 29.

Our usually sensible food chains (all Remain) have joined the chorus which will only induce panic buying by silly people, emptying supermarket shelves.

You don’t have to need a signed trade deal to actually trade with another country.

It took Canada 10 years to strike a deal with the EU, meanwhile trade went on in the interim... we have no trade deal with the US, yet billions worth of trade flows over the Atlantic, so why not the EU? Britain is unusual in the EU, being the largest importer, even though we have an efficient farming industry.

But the EU Common Agricultural Policy penalises the UK, dictating what produce we can import from the rest of the world. Our supermarkets are full of fresh produce from outside the EU, but punished by high tariffs, to protect EU farmers, while at the same time, EU food prices are higher than the world average. When we leave, we can negotiate our own bespoke deals (WTO or not) slashing prices, and undercutting EU products - bring it all on.

Get in saddle to help charity

Emma Day, Cycling Manager at the British Heart Foundation

Did you know that the average shelf life of a hobby is just 16 months? In fact, the average person has three hobbies on the go, but we’re not so good at keeping them up.

Cycling is one of Britain’s favourite hobbies. Four in ten of us own a bike yet the average UK adult hasn’t cycled in almost seven years.

When we spoke to people about their hobbies a fifth revealed to us that they don’t cycle more frequently because they believe they aren’t fit enough - and one in ten said they don’t have a reason to cycle or goal to aim towards

At the British Heart Foundation (BHF) we have the perfect goal to keep you motivated. Sign up to one of our amazing bike rides and use your pedal power to fund research into heart and circulatory diseases.

Every year, heart and circulatory diseases including heart attack, stroke and vascular dementia kill over 13,000 people in Yorkshire and Humber. Knowing you’re contributing to finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat these terrible conditions whilst doing something that is enjoyable and good for your health will keep you cycling for longer. Whether you take on our Manchester to Blackpool Night Ride, which finishes under the iconic Blackpool Illuminations or one of our 15 other exciting bike rides happening in 2019 there will be a ride for you. So gather your friends, family or colleagues and get in the saddle to help beat heartbreak forever by signing up to ride for the BHF in 2019 and fund life saving research.

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