YEP Letters December 20

AP Photo/Virginia Mayo
AP Photo/Virginia Mayo
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How much faith in democracy?

Richard Hassall, Knaresborough.

WE now know that the Leave campaign broke electoral law in the 2016 referendum campaign and have received heavy fines in consequence.

The argument that Leave would have won anyway is irrelevant, since we cannot know whether that is true. Such an argument would cut no ice in most sports.

Perhaps Lance Armstrong would have won the Tour de France without the aid of illicit drugs, but it was obviously right that he was disqualified anyway.

One has to wonder how much faith 
people will have in democracy in future, knowing that an enormous constitutional change can be implemented only because of a referendum won by a narrow majority following proven law-breaking by the winning side.

Heartbreaking plea by officer: your views

A West Yorkshire Police officer has described the agonising moment she was called to a three-year-old who died of a cardiac arrest on Saturday. PC Jade Hunter spoke about the gut wrenching callout on social media as she spoke out about those who criticise police officers for ‘skiving’ when they are spotted eating and drinking in public places. She said that being a police officer is ‘not all about catching criminals’ and described the horrific callout while also paying tribute to the little girl and her family. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Paul Cross

As officers we see and do things that no human being should have to see or do but it’s our job.

From road death to suicide and everything in between and beyond. The uniform is not a shield it just an identity and all of us have families.

Yes we have ways to deal 
with these situations, some very strange and only emergency staff would know, some call it a dark sense of humour but we talk to our colleagues and go to the next call for help without a moments hesitation because that’s what we do.

And at the end of our shift we go home kiss and hug our loved one and tell them just how much they mean to us, then in the quite time that follows you re live the happenings of the day over and over again, possibly shed a tear or two, have a drink or two then go back the next day and go again.

I am proud to be a cop and proud of them I work with because it’s more than a job because every call, you leave a bit of yourself with that family who are grieving.

Susan Traynor

You all do an amazing job and thank you all for keeping the public safe.

Wendy Holt

Police and to be honest all services are all good, it’s not the fault of anyone of them there are just not enough to go around.

They all do amazing jobs, without them all where would we be?

Connie Cluderay

Our police are truly amazing and do all sorts of stuff most people don’t even know about. I’m forever thankful.

Dave Mackay

Must agree entirely with that statement, my late missus was a Leeds policewoman for 30 years.

Valerie Grayson

We should value our police, they don’t get enough respect for the difficult job they do. They have my full respect.

Rachel Milner

Police canteens were scrapped years ago so that they ‘mingled’ with the public when they needed to eat/drink. Can’t really understand anyone criticising someone for needing to eat! Clutching at straws.

Lindsey Bell

I said the very same thing to my daughter who expressed surprise at seeing two officers getting a sandwich in subway. I told her police are people too and everyone has to eat.

Gaynor Kershaw

The people that criticise the emergency services are the ones that respect no-one and think the world owes them.

Well, selfish and disrespectful idiots of our country – you owe the world, not the other way.

Just think if you or a member of your family need the emergency team one day but they didn’t come because of your attitude I am sure you would change your thoughts then. Maybe you should try and do even day in their shoes you would soon change your way of thinking.

Hazel Graham

I suppose most of those people criticising the police for eating on duty,get a full hour for lunch each day?

Debbie Hulme Jackson

Everyone needs five to 10 minutes out. That might be the only time they get a break.