YEP Letters: August 7

9 February 2017 ....... Elland Road Park and Ride in Leeds. Picture Tony Johnson
9 February 2017 ....... Elland Road Park and Ride in Leeds. Picture Tony Johnson
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Big city solutions needed on transport

Alan Haigh, Morley

I refer to your report on Leeds transport (YEP August 4).

There have been so many failed transport schemes that people can have little confidence in Leeds City Council. While catering for the motorist current park and ride schemes with special bus services do nothing for public transport. These schemes should be served by transport available to all and which improves services. If you locate a park and ride facility at an existing railway station then this boosts patronage. For instance the Elland Road scheme could be served off peak by number 51 and 52 buses thereby improving patronage and eliminating the wasteful operation of running almost empty buses. Leeds desperately needs a light rail system. Instead it is copying small town schemes but needs to adopt the big city solutions being pursued in Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham.

Smart meters no use when switching supplier

E K Barker, Collingham.

IN his letter ‘Smart meters mean savings’ (YEP August 1), Robert Cheesewright, director of policy and communications at Smart Energy GB, writes that “having smart meters installed in every home in Great Britain will transform the experience of buying and using energy for consumers whilst modernising our outdated energy system”.

Absolute rubbish!

A few years ago when our gas and electricity was supplied by British Gas, they persuaded us to let them fit smart meters for both supplies, telling us we would never have to send meter readings again.

Since then I have switched suppliers several times to Npower, First Utility, Green Network Energy and others in order to get the best deal (as you are advised to do).

Each time I have told the new supplier that I have smart meters and each time I have been told that they are unable to use them as they are incompatible with their system.

Don’t bother having them fitted unless you are prepared to be tied in to the same supplier for the rest of your life – they may (possibly) save you money if you stick with the same supplier, but you would probably save the same amount by switching.

Having them fitted was a total waste of time and money. Don’t take my word – money saving expert Martin Lewis’s report confirms this.

Smart meter saves nothing

JA King, by email.

I READ with interest Robert Cheesewright‘s letter.

I have a smart meter and it has saved me absolutely nothing and neither do I expect it to.

The meter itself will save you absolutely nothing, it can only be done by you gawping at the meter continually and switching off appliances you don’t need to have on – common sense really.

I do confess that it was convenient to have your meter read by the power company automatically on a monthly basis, but the problems started when I changed energy companies as the new supplier was not geared up to recognise my existing smart meter.

The TV advertising I consider to be very misleading.

I stress ‘I’, because they are a convenient way of keeping you bound to a particular power company and guess who’s paying for them in the long run?

You are.

Doom and gloom over weather

Judy Goodwin, Altofts

While most of us are enjoying this rare good summer, the doom and gloom merchants are out in force.

Even local MP Mary Creagh has joined this merry band, chairing an enquiry into the heatwave, as it threatens our health and wellbeing, even that bastion of busy bodies NHS England have sent leaflets out to nursing homes.

One of the pieces of advice it gives is turn the heating off. You don’t say?

Over the past three weeks I have visited three east coast resorts all packed with people enjoying themselves and doing wonders for the local economy.

However did we manage in 1976, 1959, 1949, 1911 before these gloom merchants were employed to pass on their little gems of advice?

The last time the earth was this hot was 125,000 years ago and still we survived.

An extra woolly won’t ensure survival

Mike McGrath, Leeds 7

Neil Hudson (’Happy global warming’, YEP August 4) states that modern temperature records only began in 1910 - well actually 1880 but let that pass.

Just Google ice cores and climate change Neil and you will find how scientists measure temperature change over the last 800,000 years with reasonable accuracy.

Neil references the Hollywood movie “The Day After Tomorrow” in which the temperature drops overnight so dramatically as to cause civilisation to collapse in the US - fortunately the Mexicans open their border to take in the survivors!

But if the climate is warming how can it get colder? Just a Hollywood fantasy? Well, no. Global warming doesn’t mean that the temperature rises smoothly everywhere.

The greater energy in the atmosphere caused by the warming creates a more chaotic climate - some areas get hotter others get colder - nobody escapes.

So for example, arctic ice is melting fast; this might cause the Gulf Stream to weaken and even stop altogether (again just Google it).

This would cause temperature in the UK to drop to that of Oslo in Norway over a few years at most.

It’s a low, but rising risk and has very high negative consequences; Neil writes that he will wait for it to happen before believing in climate change.

Well it will be too late to do anything about it then Neil and putting on an extra woolly will definitely not ensure your survival in that brave new world.

What are police doing about violence?

Chris Sharp, Leeds 25

Superintendent Morgan (YEP August 4) glibly says the violent people carrying weapons must be removed from our neighbourhoods.

Fine words . Most people will agree .

These sentiments have been recycled over and over. So Superintendent Morgan what are the police doing about it?

When something occurs the police are out in force, cars, vans, personnel . Where are all these amenities before anything happens? On computers? Or trying to ingratiate themselves with the public with silly stunts?

Here’s an idea, try being proper police and be seen.

l cannot remember seeing a full policeman in ages. Community police every now and then, real police, never.

‘Israel has acted in lawful self defence’

John M Collins, Leeds 17

I ENTIRELY agree with Mike Harwood (YEP Letters August 3) that we should oppose racism and aggression, wherever it raises its ugly head.

But before we denounce any action as racist or aggression, we should be sure of our facts and are not simply repeating or acting on the untruthful allegations of those who are themselves aggressive racists.

Mr Harwood attacks the policy of the Israeli Government in the Gaza strip and the “West Bank” as being “in serious, devastating and continuing breach of International Law”.

Taking the Gaza strip first, no reputable commentator has suggested that Israel is in breach of any aspect of International Law. The truth is that Gaza is an independent territory which has been taken over by a gang of terrorists who over the past 12 years have attacked Israeli farms and communities with rockets and mortars, invaded Israel through a host of tunnels and - the latest aggression - by arson, setting light to great areas of crops. Israel has acted in lawful self defence.

I acknowledge that there are two schools of thought about the “West Bank” (the name given by the Jordanians after their illegal invasion of 1948).

The view which I prefer is that not only is it part of ancient Judea and Samaria, but it was expressly designated by the League of Nations as part of the national home of the Jews. Others argue that it is simply occupied by Israel. Most of it is now administered by the Palestinian Authority, who over 50 years have refused to accept any peaceful solution, but continue to encourage attacks on Israeli civilians. And Mr Harwood, when talking of racism, what is more racist than the Palestinian Authority, who will not allow any Jew to live in their territory?

Create food site for seagulls

P Ward, by email

Having visited Scarborough a few weeks ago, I sadly noticed all the food containers with waste food being left on the beach by holidaymakers, causing litter and attracting both flies and gulls.These are probably the very people who complain about the seabirds scavenging.

Seagulls are opportunists, they have been robbed of most of their natural food by our greed of taking even the smallest fish from the ocean. What do we expect them to do, they are programmed to survive?

I thought of an idea which may well solve the problem for the birds, the holidaymakers and the local people.

Could we not identify a site well away from the crowds, shoppers and food outlets, and purposely leave suitable left over food for the gulls?

It would take them no time to identify these easy titbits and therefore they would be far less inclined to annoy passers-by.

We would also need to erect a few serious signs asking people to drop their food litter in certain bins readily available.

Surely we cannot allow this littering to continue.