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What about the war effort at home?

DS Boyes, Leeds

Lots to say on Word War One soldiers but what about those who served the war effort at home?

My granddad, an engineer, was put on munitions in Leeds at Armley shell factory after training at Woolwich Arsenal. In 1918 his reward was redundancy and very hard times for years after! Many more had the same.

Change of attitudes for slum areas

Alan Mumby, Leeds.

THE BBC’s recent Panorama offering Get Rich Or Die Young, screened last Monday, couldn’t stop me from thinking that the reason for such discrepancies in the UK’s life dependency shouldn’t be blamed on a postcode lottery, but more accurately political misfortune.

The programme claimed that people residing in the more affluent areas of the Stockton-on-Tees borough were likely to outlive people living in nearby poorer neighbourhoods by anything up to 18 years.

Hardly surprising when the Labour-dominated inner-city slums which have been in rapid decline for decades are running the show, not only in Stockton, but in almost every large urban area up and down the country, Leeds and Bradford included.

These traditionally low-income, poorly educated, crime-riddled, drug-infested and over-populated settings are harbouring the vast majority of the parasites within society that are ruining this country.

A new tactical solution is urgently needed to help fix these problems and consideration should be given to include education programmes aimed at teaching the benefits of healthy eating, drug awareness, work over state handouts and raising a family on a low budget.

All of which would have positive impacts on improving lives, rather than continuing with the current plan which is simply throwing cash down the drain in a failed attempt to rehabilitate, counsel and pander to what the perpetrators have become all too accustomed too, and which isn’t working.

Don’t blame the rail staff

Andrew Morris, Morley.

THE news that 950,000 hours have been lost due to the chaos that has befallen rail operator Northern came as no surprise to the thousands of commuters who have suffered daily as a result of this shambolic state of affairs, myself included.

Last Friday I attempted to catch a train from Morley to Huddersfield – an 18-mile trip – unbelievably, it took me over three hours to complete a journey which, according to the timetable, should take around 21 minutes.

However, I think it is important that we spare a thought for the poor employees of Northern: the unfortunate conductors who are forced to engage with angry commuters day in and day out.

Through no fault of their own, these individuals have faced disrespect, mistreatment and torrents of abuse.

From my own experience in the face of incredible hardship, they have remained affable and sympathetic.

So, I implore even the angriest of fellow commuters to be mindful before taking out your (quite justified) frustration on someone who so clearly does not deserve it.

Time to re-site city cenotaph

Mary Saville, Leeds.

I WAS in Leeds the other day and was horrified to see a ‘bar’ assembled at the side of the Cenotaph with two large vans (no doubt filled with replenishment alcoholic beverages) parked directly in front and obscuring the unknown soldier. Graduating students were leaving their ceremonies at the Town Hall, which was indeed very nice to see, but they and their families were all making their way, rather hurriedly, to the said bar for their celebration ‘drink and be merry’ time.

There appears to be lots of celebrations held in close proximity of the Cenotaph throughout the year, which is in very poor taste.

Should we not be paying tribute and showing our respect to our soldiers who fought and died for us all in the two world wars at this sacred place? Perhaps you could tell me and your readers who is responsible for organising such disrespectful events?

No doubt on reaching the 100th year remembrance anniversary this year, we will see all the powers that be participating and obviously showing their ‘false’ respect as they lay poppy wreaths as it is televised!

Is it not now time to show our respect and gratitude and have the Cenotaph re-sited, perhaps to Park Square, somewhere quiet and pleasant where our ‘heroes’ can finally rest in peace and be honoured with the dignity they deserve?

Thanks for care

Joe Cooney, Halton

Having collapsed outside the Arndale Centre, I had to thank Justine of Specsavers, Crossgates, for her care and quick thinking to get me in hospital.

And a special thanks to all the staff in 18-19 wards of Jubilee Wing, LGI. They were wonderful with their care. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.A special mention to Chris, of ward 18. What a grafter he was, dashing about all day long. Nothing was too much to do, if you asked him. Thanks Chris! I came out of LGI with more than I went in with - a pacemaker - but I don’t think I could have kept up with Chris. My sincerest wishes and thanks to everyone.

Good luck, good health, God bless all of you.

There’s still a lot of kindness in the world

Mrs F Kaye, Dewsbury

I would just like to thank the lady who handed my handbag in after I inadvertently left it behind at the Lidl store in Mirfield on Saturday afternoon.

There is still a lot of kindness in this world as that lady proved by her actions.

She saved me the trouble of having to cancel my bank cards not to mention the financial loss of the money in my purse. So once again, thank you, kind lady!

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