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Town let down by car park appearance

N Bywater, Morley

With the judging of the ‘in bloom’ contest having just gone, Morley has looked wonderfully colourful in recent days, with extra flower tubs purchased by Morley Town Council.

But one aspect that lets Morley down is the appearance of the car parks. Not just the appearance, but not being able to get out of your car because of bushes not cut back enough.

I am not sure if Morley Town Council funds are needed, as car parks are the responsibility of Leeds City Council. There are some broken trees in the Queensway car park and trees growing through hedges in the Annie Street car park. They are maintained, but not to a good standard. Mature flowering trees can look amazing when they are in full flower, much better and cheaper than paying for bedding plants every year and with green spaces on the decline. The more trees the better.

Roads plan putting pupils’ health at risk

Graham Sugden, Leeds 16

An article titled ‘Low levels of air pollution linked to changes in the heart’ published on the BBC website raises significant health issues for people studying, working and living in the Lawnswood area.

This study is based upon 3900 MRI scans and shows that air pollution leads to thicker ventricles of the heart which is, of course, very bad news. The research evidence goes on to give advice to pedestrians on avoiding particular pollution hotspots which include stationary traffic at traffic lights.

In order to get a current air pollution reading for the school I entered the school postcode into the website and I am pleased that Lawnswood School gets one out of six which is the best score possible.

However, all is about to change if the council’s proposal to do away with the Lawnswood Roundabout goes ahead. The planned six lane highway and crossroads, including 12 sets of traffic lights, will be just metres from the school gates and playing fields.

This proposal is putting the health of 1,500 children at serious risk and must be urgently addressed by the council.

Smart meter concerns

D A Pentelow, Otley

I HAD a type 1 smart meter installed several years ago, partly to monitor usage, but primarily to facilitate automated real time billing.

I use one year electricity and gas contracts and then change supplier to find the best value contract. As soon as I changed supplier the smart meter became totally dumb and I had to go back to reading the meter myself, much more difficult to do than on an old style meter, and submitting these readings.

Rather than telling us about hypothetical savings somewhere down the line Robert Cheesewright (‘Smart meters mean savings’ YEP Letters August 1) should tell us why these type 1 smart meters are still being fitted even though they don’t work as soon as you change suppliers and when the systems that are supposed to make all these type 1 smart meters intelligent will be turned on – this should have happened at least two years ago.

For now I would strongly advise anyone who is thinking of having a smart meter installed to insist that only a type 2 smart meter, which will work with all major suppliers, is installed. Don’t be conned into accepting a type 1 smart meter.

Put the UK first

Judy Goodwin, Altofts

How embarrassing to see Theresa May cutting her holiday short to run around begging leaders of other EU countries to accept her Chequers deal.

Has she not learned anything? Cameron, her old boss, tried the same, he went around Europe with his begging bowl and came back with nothing. Oh for a strong leader who would put the UK first with the guts to walk away.

Brexit debate

Martin J Phillips, Leeds 16

I NOTE that the Remainians have been blaming the older generation for the outcome of the Brexit referendum for the past two years. Now the Remainians are saying that the result of the referendum was influenced by ‘misleading’ information posted on social media i.e. a domain dominated by the younger generation!

Several major high street names have confirmed they will open stores at the new Thorpe Park retail development in Leeds. Fashion brand River Island is the latest to announce it is taking on a unit at The Springs which is due to open in October off junction 46 of the M1. Other stores confirmed for the site include Next and TK Maxx and Boots while the leisure side will see an Odeon cinema and a Pure Gym built. More occupiers will be announced later this summer. Thorpe Park is already home to a business park where 60 companies and 4500 staff are based. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Marta Ndreu

What major fashion names? Nothing that you cannot find in any other standard shopping centre. We need some new brands coming into the market.

Claire Ballantyne

Also concerned about the shops on Colton retail park and what will happen there. I am going to miss having Boots on my doorstep!

Astrid O’Neill

This could mean that Cross Gates Shopping Centre will lose business which would be sad because lots of people who live nearby support it, even though it has a few empty shops and too many coffee shops.

Diane Bennett

Meanwhile high streets are turning into ghost towns.

Elizabeth Bycroft

Why oh why do we need another shopping centre?

Darren Butterfield

Just need some decent restaurants announcing now and a new pub.

Teresa Cook

I remember when that was all Green Belt land.

Don Clarke

Another gym? They’re as bad as phone shops, they’re everywhere.

Samantha Jane Nutton

I think east Leeds needs this, plenty of job opportunities etc.

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