Warren Hayden: Goodbye summer 2015 - hello Christmas!

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We’ve done it. If you are a parent, grandparent, babysitter or anyone who’s had the pleasure of looking after children in the past six weeks, let out a huge sigh of relief, wipe the sweat from your brow, relax and enjoy the silence.

Sometimes we didn’t feel like we’d ever reach the end, but now we have – and we can officially declare that we have survived summer.

It seems like longer, but it was just a month-and-a-half ago when we were looking forward to keeping our children entertained during those long summer days, juggling busy schedules and hopefully having a lot of fun along the way before eventually getting to September when it was time to return to school.

Looking back, I had so much fun with my partner Serena and our two daughters with various days out. Our summer also included a week away in Majorca, which gave us plenty of opportunity to enjoy time together as a family.

But, of course, being around your children 24/7 will leave any parent exhausted at the end of the day.


Causing those large drawn-out yawns even before the sun had set might have been those long car journeys when you’d hear the sentence ‘are we nearly there yet’ a hundred times. Eventually those words would be etched into your brain.

And then there were the times when you’d be a private secretary for your child, answering the door to their friends for the hundredth time that day.

Of course the sun didn’t always shine, and when the clouds were moody and it was raining outside, out would come the Disney movies which you would be required to watch not once, not twice, but on loop.

That’s when you soon realise that you know every word in the film and even which song comes next.However, I have to be honest and admit that even through the tiredness, the long car journeys and the endless Disney films, I’ve actually enjoyed every second of summer, and I’ve loved having my two daughters together and home with me all summer.

OK, every second might be pushing it, because in reality, like a lot of siblings, they argue like cat and dog.

But, on the whole, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

There has been lots of father/daughter bonding over the past six weeks and I’ve enjoyed being able to act like a big kid myself, whether that be on theme park rides, running around the house playing tag or splashing about with them at the swimming pool on holiday in Majorca.

So it’s goodbye to the summer of 2015, I’m going to miss you.

But not to worry, there is something just 15 weeks away to look forward to.

That’s right, Christmas.