Trump brings back glory days of WWF buffoonery

CRAZY DAYS: Mad-for-it 1980s WWF wrestlers Legion of Doom can now be seen just about every week on the Otley Run
CRAZY DAYS: Mad-for-it 1980s WWF wrestlers Legion of Doom can now be seen just about every week on the Otley Run
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I am sorry but I cannot get overly worked up about the Donald Trump CNN take-down video. It’s utterly hilarious.

As a kid - and, yes, I’ll admit it, even a young adult - I was a huge fan of what used to be called WWF (before they lost their grand slam legal showdown against the wildlife organisation with the same initials). Back in my day, the wrestling scene was populated by the likes of Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart (awesome), his uglier brother Owen Hart, The Legion of Doom (who I happened to see on the Otley Run just last week), Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, some idiot called Tatanka, who always had to complete a stupid dance even though his opponent was hitting him and only when he’d finished would he retaliate. There was also Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Rowdy Roddy Piper, who aside from having a naff name, also had a naff film career. I could list more...

But won’t.

Despite being utterly ludicrous (how many times did the referee get ‘accidentally’ knocked out at a crucial moment?), it was good, safe (predictable, yes) fun. So, seeing Mr Trump upload his own modified clip of him pummelling the living daylights out of CNN was borderline genius and I dare say it got just the reaction he anticipated, as the wishy washy haven’t-got-enough-things-to-moan-about-this week liberal left accused him of sanctioning violence against journalists. Pah!

Couple of questions for the libs: 1) Has he illegally invaded another country? No. 2) Has he had an affair while in the White House? No. There you go, because for some reason we (the gullible public) seem quite willing to accept such shenanigans from our public officials, but a comical video clip is just going way too far. Personally, I’d like to see much more of this kind of thing. So, a British version please, with comedy clips of all our most buffoonish politicians: Theresa May, Bo-Jo and Pob (sorry, Michael Gove).

Here’s some suggestions: Gove could do his best impression of 1980s kids’ TV character Pob (which basically means he just has to stand there, which, let’s face it, means he can’t do any harm), Bo-Jo (who already makes his fair share of silly viral videos) could play ‘rugga’ against some undernourished foreign seven-year-olds and t’old Mother Theresa can walk into a game of high stakes poker, completely naked with her cards facing the wrong way, which is basically what she’s done with the EU over Brexit.

Why I’m going off web comments

Whenever we reporters/writers/call-us-what-you-will ‘web’ a story, there’s a box we can click (or not) which allows readers to comment. Most of the time, it’s considered a good thing to click it, because debate is surely a healthy thing.

However, having recently looked back at some of the opinion pieces which are on the web (and written by yours truly), I have to say I am no longer sure whether to turn ‘web comments’ on or off. I say this, not because of the few constructive responses which appeared below one of said articles but because of the quite personal, slanderous and profane diatribes which seemed to dominate.

People got really angry. At least two of them called me an unmentionable. One questioned whether I should be in a job. How dare this man express an opinion in an unconventional manner! Another asked whether I was ‘qualified’ to comment, to which my answer is ‘no more than you’. Surely, that’s the point of democracy: that we can all comment, but surely there are rules of decency.

This, of course, is part of the problem with the interweb in general: it gives free licence to bullies and anyone vaguely angry at the world.

At the risk of going all ‘worthy’ on you, surely the point is to debate, without swearing, because whatever you think of anyone else’s opinion, in public at least, it’s only right and proper to be polite and reasonable. (Web comments are on by the way, just in case you fancy swearing at me and letting off some steam.)