The great motorway turn-off!

As many readers will know when you travel north on the M1 from Leeds after you reach Hook Moor the road becomes the A1(M) and the junction numbering follows a different sequence.

The junction of the M62 with the M1 is junction 42 of the M1, then the next junction at the start of the M621 is junction 43. The junction with the A639 is junction 44, the junction with the Leeds East Link Road which is not yet open is junction 45.

Then comes junction 46 at Selby Road, and junction 47 at Parlington. Then as you reach the end of the M1 but before you are told you are now on the A1(M) the next junction is numbered 45.

If you follow the A1 north there are then three more intersections and the next junction numbered is at the start of the next stretch of motorway and is junction 46.

I have heard numerous people say this is very confusing.

When the stretch of A1 from Bramham to Walshford is converted to motorway shortly then the junction for Bramham Village and the junction with the A58 at Wetherby will be removed.

That means that the junction with the A659 will have to be junction 45A. More confusion. However if we can persuade the Department of Transport to re number the A1(M) north of Hook Moor to M1, the junction numbers could then follow in sequence. As junction 48 of the M1 is Hook Moor then the junction with the A64 would be 49 and the new junction with the A659 would be 50 and so on.If you agree with me please sign the petition at

W L Roberts, Whitkirk, Leeds