Story of a lost civilisation... and the Darkness Visible

This week scientists announced the discovery of a second massive meteor crater – 22 miles wide – beneath the Greenland ice sheet. This comes less than a year after a similar discovery about 100 miles away.

By Neil Hudson
Saturday, 16th February 2019, 7:51 am
Updated Saturday, 16th February 2019, 7:52 am

This is stirring stuff for free thinkers everywhere and not least for anyone who has ever read anything by the esteemed Graham Hancock, whose theories on a pre-flood civilisation represent an alternative history of both our planet and our species.

I must also, at this stage, declare a personal interest in these discoveries. Last year, I published my first novel, Darkness Visible: Legend of the Ancient Sea Kings, which is set (partially) in the period known as ‘pre-history’, (before the last ice age). I studied ancient myth and world religions at university and have continued to be interested in them ever since. Today, there is an emerging class of comparative historians (such as Laird Scranton) who are challenging, both directly and indirectly, the received view of how our civilisation came about.

One good example of the well-known Biblical story of Noah. The fable is not original. Indeed, it is widely accepted the Noah Flood myth is based on the Epic of Gilgamesh, which significantly predates it. Countless other flood myths abound, all of which strongly hint at some kind of global cataclysm. There’s even a line in Plato’s Timeas which runs: ‘You remember only one deluge, though there have been many.’

A stock photo of the skies above Yorkshire

Today, we rank these global floods alongside fairy tales and flippant folk tales and science refuses to countenance the idea that ‘before the flood’, there was any kind of high civilisation (on a par with our own).

The discovery of such craters in Greenland only serves to challenge this view. They are not the only impacts to be found. Others have been detected in North America, alongside geographic evidence of mass flooding. Anyone who has watched video footage of a tsunami (or the recent damn collapse in Brazil) will note that such floods are not trivial events. They are sudden, violent tides of mud and debris.

Imagine the devastation caused by a meteor which leaves a crater 22 miles in diameter. Billions of tons of ice would be instantly vaporised. If it happened today, our civilisation would be wiped out.

Ancient myth offers us a clue to our unremembered past and possibly alerts us to future threats. ‘Darkness Visible’ is a concept from esoteric freemasonry, akin to the idiom ‘know thyself’. It urges us to stop, to think and consider what’s important in life.