Should it be legal to ride e-scooters on public land? 10 things you said on the issue

The popularity of e-scooters soared during lockdown, with some commuters looking to them as a new way to travel into work without using public transport.

Sunday, 5th September 2021, 4:45 pm

But it is currently only legal for people aged 13 and over to ride e-scooters on private land with the permission of the land owner.

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Police issue warning on using e-scooters as two seized in south Leeds

The Government has been conducting a number of trials to investigate whether use of the vehicles should be legalised in public spaces, although Leeds is not one of the local authority areas taking part.

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Trials are taking place in some parts of the country to help the Government to decide whether the use of e-scooters should be legalised on public land. Picture: Yui Mok/PA Wire

We asked readers on our Facebook page whether they think e-scooters should be legalised for use on roads and pavements.

Martin Vidor: "No. They are motorised vehicles and should be driven on the roads and an appropriate rate of road tax paid."

Phil Rees: "Should be banned – full stop!"

Nick Nicholson: "If they want to ride them at all, they should be subject to driving test vehicle safety test, registration and vehicle insurance."

Tony Simpson: "Definitely not. They travel too fast so are a danger to either pedestrians or road users."

Carl Dudley: "Roads yes, pavements no. Licenses and helmets mandatory."

Lynsey Michelle Turner: "Pedestrian walkways no, cycle lanes and minor roads yes."

Ken Wakefield: "NO! Everyone caught riding them on public highways and not on private land should be prosecuted."

Keith Jordan: "No. They are dangerous on pavements for pedestrians, and on the roads for motorists."

Mark Collinson: "On roads only, and subject to the same laws as other motorised vehicles."

Mitchell Ward: "On roads, limited to over 16 with lights etc – yes."

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