Rod McPhee: Apple on the way to Leeds?

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Rumours continue to spread that we’re just months away from getting an Apple store inside Leeds’s Trinity retail and leisure development.

Not quite an event of earth-shattering significance for everyone, but for your average urbanite it represents a place of pilgrimage to worship beneath that glorious icon.

When I made enquiries this week a spokesperson for the city centre development, which opens in about a year’s time, said: “I’m afraid that we can’t confirm whether or not Apple is coming” which, if I’m not mistaken, isn’t a direct denial.

I interpret that in one of two ways: either they are coming, or they’re at least in advanced negotiations. It’s worth noting that just about every other major city in Britain has one of these stores, among them Birmingham and Bristol who, tellingly, both boast Apple outlets inside shopping centres which Trinity’s developers, Land Securities, also built. Of course, Trinity could just be subtly teasing us with the possibility that they’re on their way when, in fact, they’re not at all, but I’m not sure they’d pursue such spin which could backfire spectacularly.

Apple are also notorious for trying to build intrigue in the run up to their openings, preferring to keep the exact look, location and existence of its outlets under wraps until the last minute.

But as gossip grows around the city, I reckon they’ll struggle to keep anything secret for a whole 12 months.

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