New charging zone for high-polluting vehicles could be coming to Leeds to combat climate change - 10 things you said

A charging zone for high-polluting vehicles could be introduced in Leeds over the coming years in an attempt to combat climate change, a newly-released council document has suggested.

Thursday, 14th October 2021, 5:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th October 2021, 5:09 pm
This is what YEP readers had to say about proposed plans to introduce a charging zone.

The main aims of the strategy list getting funding to finally create a mass transit system, as well as more than doubling public transport numbers over the next decade.

But under the heading “we may need to consider”, the report stated: “A low carbon zone which could be similar to the ULEZ in London, where the most polluting vehicles are subject to the greatest charges based on CO2 emissions.”

Transport for London’s charging zone means most vehicles, including personal cars and vans, need to meet low emissions standards, otherwise their drivers must pay a daily charge to drive within the zone.

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Cars, motorcycles and vans which have more polluting engines are charged £12.50, while heavier vehicles, such as lorries, buses and coaches are charged £100.

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New charging zone for high-polluting vehicles could be coming to Leeds to combat...

This is what Yorkshire Evening Post readers have to say...

Mark Jones said: "Those that can walk should do for journeys of around 3 miles, cycle within 10 miles, I agree public transport in Leeds is appalling, regarding driving a car drive only distances of over 10 miles. Many lazy car drivers will drive distances of 3 miles when they could have walked or cycled."

Kevin Lawson said: "As in London it will spread out and eventually the " zone" will not be just the centre. It is another form of taxation plain and simple. If they invested in a mass public transport system which was both reliable and cost effective, there would be no need for vehicles in the centre?"

Lisa Verney said: "Nevermind reasonable bus fares until they actually show up and run to timetable then. This is an absolutely ridiculous idea".

Ian Short said: "If the road infrastructure was adequate they would massively reduce pollution, but yet again it is the motorists and business that prop up under performing and not fit for purpose councils and governments".

Mike Birtill said: "Good. About time. Walk, bus, train, cycle. Leeds isn’t big."

Liz Riley said: "Congestion charging has made London a much nicer city. Well done Leeds".

David Wooler said: "Leeds Clown-cil at it again. Tried to introduce once, spent millions on it, then decided to abandon it. Let’s waste more council tax, while claiming we have no money".

Val Weller said: "Will turn into ghost city."

David Exley said: "Nothing to do with climate change just a way of making money for councils /gov to waste on daft schemes"

Richard Lewis Jones said: "High polluting vehicles should not be on the road. The way LCC has reconstructed roads in the city centre will only increase pollution. Fewer lanes means more queuing means more idling traffic".