'More muggings on the way' - 10 things you said about new £100 contactless payment limit

The limit on contactless payments was more than doubled earlier this month, meaning larger purchases can be made without the need to enter a PIN.

By Georgina Morris
Tuesday, 26th October 2021, 4:45 pm

The changes, first set out in the Spring Budget announcement in March, saw the legal single contactless payment limit raised from £45 to £100.

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We asked readers whether they thought the new limit was now too high. Here's a selection of their comments...

The limit for contactless card payments has gone up to £100. Picture: Shutterstock

Richard Webb: "Without any type of secondary authentication it's way too high. A card without a pin is basically the same as loose cash."

Ken Bishop: "More muggings on the way. Makes it worth it to low lifes now. If kept, should only be used once a week."

Myles Megson: "Just make it so you can set the limit yourself on online banking, then you can choose the limit and it’s your own responsibility to take care of it."

Chris Hall: "It's fine, as long as people can reduce it if they want to. Different people obviously have different needs."

Jayne Burr: "Yep, encourages you to spend more."

Paul Thomas Sheridan: "No. It's great for business."

Matthew Williamson: "Sadly it's too much to lose. It puts a marked target on everyone's wallets."

Philip Lee: "Defo too high, I’m going to have mine reduced."

Sharon Grace: "As long as the banks will continue to cover any fraudulent transactions if your card is lost or stolen then it’s fine."

Lee Daniel: "Doesn't matter to me, I simply refuse to use contactless."

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