Monica Dyson: There’s a now day to mark every interest

DOUGLAS ADAMS: Commemorated with Towel Day.
DOUGLAS ADAMS: Commemorated with Towel Day.
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In March we celebrated Mother’s Day. An important dates in the yearly calendar, it is an opportunity to thank mothers for all the things they do for you, or engage in quiet reflection of days when you had a mother.

It is held worldwide, at different times, but with the same sentiments.

Every week we hear about some awareness day. Some of them are quite sensible like International Book Day, No Smoking Day or days to raise awareness of diseases like Prostate Cancer, whilst others are wacky like the Run up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes Day.

That is an expression meaning to put forward an idea to see what people think of it, and commonly used in the advertising world.

Originating in America, it has become a day to encourage people to be creative, trying out new ideas and concepts. Held in the New Year, it is described as a good day to try something new, although it could well get mixed up with New Year resolutions.

Dress up your Pet Day is held each January. Colleen Paige, an animal behaviourist and pet expert, decided to start a National Dog Day hoping that people would remember how many dogs are in need of loving homes. It proved so successful that she started a Dress up Your Pet Day to encourage pet owners to unleash their pet’s fashion sense. There is no evidence that hamsters or guinea pigs are bothered about being particularly stylish.

Some awareness days are a bit silly like National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day, when devotees of the third biggest-selling confectionary in America stuff themselves silly. This snack has been made since 1927 by the Blumenthal Brothers and known as Raisinets in America, becoming a bestseller in the UK under the name of Payne’s Poppet’s.

Perhaps most people only see a nettle as an irritating, stinging plant or as the scourge of gardeners when they are quickly disposed of if they should have the effrontery to spring up in the garden.

But in actual fact the stinging nettle is one of the most important plants for wildlife in the UK. Until the later part of the 20th century it was regarded as useful for food, particularly nettle soup, for medicine and even clothing as cloth has been woven from the fibres in mature nettle stems.

Within Buckingham Palace gardens, nettles play an important part in the wildlife habitat areas and are a valuable source of food for caterpillars. So if they are endorsed by Prince Charles in Be Nice to Nettles Week, they must be environmentally friendly.

Towel Day, held in commemoration of Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, its followers believe that the towel is the one most important item that a traveller can ever carry everywhere with them.

Whatever your interest it seems that there is a day to mark it.