Time to arrest Extinction Rebellion’s left-wing agitators in Leeds and send them one-way to Beijing – Yorkshire Post letters

From: David Schofield, Garforth.

Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 3:29 pm

IF I had parked my car across Neville Street in Leeds a week or so ago, one of the busiest roads into the city centre, and then thrown the keys into the river Aire and attached a sign which said “Save the planet”, I’m pretty sure that, within minutes, I would have been arrested for causing an obstruction.

Please can someone tell me why these left-wing agitators who call themselves “Extinction Rebellion” are allowed to get away with it. It seems to me that the police have decided to do nothing while this rabble stick two fingers up at normal law-abiding folk.

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Police at this week's extinction Rebellion protest in Leeds - should they be taking a tougher stance?

It’s about time these protesters got a life so the rest of us, who have one, can go about our normal daily life. I suppose the politically correct reply will be “we don’t want to upset anyone”.

Well for what it’s worth, I, and a great many other Leeds inhabitants, are very upset.

The Extinction Rebellion protest in Leeds.

The Government recently announced a date for this country to be carbon neutral within the next few decades – the only western country to do so. Surely this is something we should be proud of?

If these champions of the environment wish to be taken seriously, perhaps they should all go to Tiananmen Square in Beijing (and take their yellow boat with them).

I, for one, would cheer them all the way.

From: Michael Green, Baghill Green, Tingley.

WHEN I was a lad, obstruction of the highway was a crime. And, when I was a lad, the police used to go in mob-handed to enforce the law, clear the highway,

and cart those responsible straight off to the magistrates court.

Nowadays, it is still a crime. But you wouldn’t think so, to judge from the statement put out by West Yorkshire Police about the “Extinction Rebellion” protest in Leeds.

What they have said is “we have been working with partner agencies... and have a policing operation underway to manage it peacefully”. But the road is blocked!

The police appear to have no intention of enforcing the law. I hope they realise the implications - to use another phrase from when I was a lad, the Ppolice themselves are actively aiding and abetting the continuing commission of crime.