Getting rid of TV Harrison Sports Ground will increase inequality in West Leeds - YEP letters

"Like most young boys in our early years we all dreamed of becoming sport stars", says YEP letter writer Mervyn Williams, from Yeadon.

Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 5:00 pm
YEP letters - TV Harrison Sports Ground

"In my case I did enjoy the sport and the friendships from it, but the dream never became a reality.

However living in Leeds all these years we have been blessed with wonderful sports stars covering a host of sports, giving great status to our city.

The common denominator that these personalities had in common was the encouragement given and continual practice to perfect that particular sport. In other words total dedication.

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In this year of Leeds United’s centenary we have proof of what can be achieved. Let’s hope the present young men can continue with that wonderful tradition.

Congratulations to the history makers who have been rewarded with the freedom of the City of Leeds. Now this is where I, who spent my years of youth in Wortley, have a problem which confuses me. According to Leeds City Council ( YEP Wednesday, November 13) there appears to be a problem across the city of social inequality. City experts argue it will take decades to eradicate.

That statement does not explain what is going on at the TV Harrison Sports Ground on Oldfield Lane. In the 50s, 60s and 70s we had an outstanding facility available for most sports, where the young could display and improve their skills to become stars of the future. All this in a safe environment - the same piece of land is still available to be used by the younger generation for years to come.

So please tell me and the rest of the people of Leeds why you should wish to do away with this facility.

That would certainly make West Leeds even more of a region of inequality within Leeds. This sort of logic is known as talking with forked tongue. The local community have worked like trojans on the space to show what can be done and deserve a great deal of thanks. Those thanks have not been forthcoming and no encouragement given by the people who speak of inequality within the city.

Think what could have been achieved with the help of a council who got behind a scheme which would be of benefit to the young people of Leeds for many years to come!"