Leeds street's rebirth offers a clear vision

IT'S great to see developers of the Trinity shopping and leisure complex are about to start removing the eyesore bridges and escalator on Albion Street in Leeds.

They may have seemed modern and progressive when they were first devised back in the 1960s, but in a more experienced world we now realise this mode of design merely scars city centres.

This particular piece of architecture clutters up the bottom of one of our most important streets. The size of the structures, their positions and the materials used make this junction narrow and gloomy.

Next week Trinity will start the process of replacing this with a single glass walkway which will provide light and a fairly clear view from Boar Lane upwards.

The Yorkshire Evening Post doesn't normally support the removal of old buildings from the heart of our city, but this is one construction we will be glad to see the back of. Most importantly, it looks like it will be replaced with a scheme with a whole new vision – one which is set to improve the city centre, rather than blight it.

Traveller solution

WE welcome any firm moves to deal with the issue of travellers, so news that Leeds City Council have drawn up plans to create a number of permanent sites is certainly good news. Whatever your point of view – and the issue of travelling communities tends to divide opinion – there's no doubt that this is an area which has never been tackled head-on.

For too long there has been a tendency to wring our hands over the problems while communities have been up in arms whenever caravans suddenly appear on their doorstep.

Presumably it remains such a hot potato that politicians have been afraid to handle it. Now they are handling it they should be praised for doing so. The proposed solution may not be perfect, and will no doubt cause controversy, but at least the authorities are finally trying to achieve a solution.

As they do let's strive to work with the council and reach some sort of compromise that pleases as many parties as possible.

Get running

A HUGE pat on the back of Eddie Gray who's using his status as a Leeds United legend to encourage people to take part in the Leeds 10k Run For All.

The summer event was launched by the late cancer heroine Jane Tomlinson and is now an important date on the city's calendar.

But it requires the backing of Loiners to maintain its success and what better way than for Gray to enlist a team of runners and raise much-needed cash for cancer charities.

Whites fans are an army who have proved they're devoted to their cause and this is another Leeds cause they will no doubt want to support.

But you don't have to be a United stalwart to take part. So get hold of a pair of running shoes, get signed up on the Leeds United website and do something worthwhile.

If Eddie can do it, so can you.

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