LEEDS city Council has got some things wrong in the past but it cannot be blamed for having aspirations.

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YEP says: 2023 - We have to be in it to win it

Its bid to be European City of Culture 2023 is a prime example. In being a driving force in the bid, and helping to bear some (a fifth) of the cost the council risks being damned - but the prize is a big one.

Yesterday we carried two pages of questions and answers debunking some of the myths surrounding the bid and they were all answered. The Yorkshire Evening Post is fully behind this bid because we’d love Leeds to win it. If we get it, it will be worth so much for the city, not just finacially.

What has been so suceesful in Hull, albeit a UK city of culture and not a European city of culture, is the way the council involved grassroots organisations throughout the process. Perhaps at this stage of the bid Hull’s citizens (let alone those beyond the city’s boundaries) felt the same way as the sceptics in Leeds feel now: that it is a waste of time and money, that we won’t win and we don’t need it.

Surely there is a responsibility on all of us to make sure we do have a stake in this bid - and to do that we need to pledge support, get involved and get behind it. The public’s participation is key to the bid’s success.

If we’re not sucessful that money given by businesses as well as the council will not be coming back. But we have to be in it to win it.