Leeds bus network to get £270m revamp - 10 things you said

A new bus network has been launched today which will help users navigate Leeds with ease  - and with 18 lines running every 15 minutes.

By Georgina Morris
Thursday, 29th July 2021, 4:45 pm

The Leeds Core Bus Network, part of the long term Connecting Leeds Transport Strategy, is being led by West Yorkshire Combined Authority following a year of engagement and proposals that resulted in "overwhelming " support for new colour-coded bus lines and maps to help passenger navigation.

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Bus travel in and around Leeds set for radical revamp in project worth £270m

Funding has been secured from Government as part of an overall allocation of £173.5m from the Department for Transport, with local contributions topping this investment for transport improvements in Leeds up to £183.4m.

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The overall funding package for the Leeds Bus Core Bus Network project stands at £270m. Picture: Bruce Rollinson

With match funding from local bus operating companies' investment in their fleet and other contributions, this increases the overall funding package to £270m.

Here's what you had to say about it...

Andy Phillott: "They need a night bus service in Leeds, every other big city has one."

Alan Weldon: "We need extra buses to the outer suburbs. One an hour to Leeds is neither use nor ornament."

Steven Mcquade: "Seemingly endless sums of taxpayer’s hard earned money being poured down the drain again in Leeds."

Brian Craig Hartley: "Public transport needs to be much more affordable."

Cliff Owen: "Another shambles. They’ve changed the bus stop on our road and got the name of the road wrong!"

Peter Smith: "No matter what “revamp” is in the pipeline, we will continue with the daily updates of congestion across Leeds."

George R Carman: "What again?! More money wasted, same buses, same routes, just a different number on the front!"

Aidan Hirst: "Cheaper fares is what’s needed if the council / bus companies want us to use their transport."

Simon Firth: "I know of two newish bus stops which don’t even have paper timetables, never mind the electronic ones."

Ben Magnay: "What Leeds wants is our roads digging up and the reliable trams bringing back and not tarmac over them."

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