Kelly Pegg: We have to stand together and not let evil people win

23 May 2017.......    Red Rose White Rose for Manchester bombing. Picture Tony Johnson.
23 May 2017....... Red Rose White Rose for Manchester bombing. Picture Tony Johnson.
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I’m still in absolute shock at what happened at Manchester Arena on Monday night.

I imagine you’re very much like me and still trying your best to understand how this could have happened and why.

We bought our family home in Manchester nearly a year ago after my husband landed a new job running the city’s biggest radio station Key 103.

I often work for him when they put on concerts at the Arena, doing celebrity interviews backstage so I know the building really well. We went to see Morrissey perform there and we have taken our daughter to a few family events there also.

On Monday night Chris’ phone was going absolutely crazy, neither of us could believe the content of the messages he was opening.

We lay in bed that night awake for most of it trying to make sense of the terrible events that were un folding but how can anyone really make sense of any if it?

As Tuesday morning dawned the world was faced with the reality that none of this was a bad dream. People had died at the hands of a terrorist, it had happened on our doorstep and worst of all it appeared that children had been the target.

We dropped all the features on our show on Radio Aire and we just talked about the awful atrocity that had rocked the country. We had lots of calls from our wonderful listeners as we chatted about how you go about explaining something so awful to your children. I feel like it’s a minefield and I’d rather wrap my daughter up in cotton wool than expose her to any of it.

Our listeners had some great points and advice and I thought I’d share some of these with you.

Michelle from Leeds said “My daughter’s 14 so she’s quite resilient. She’s streetwise so I think she’ll just take it in her stride but my son is really sensitive to anything like that. He’ll cry, especially because there’s children involved.”

Jen said “Particularly for my older child who’s nine, they will hear it on the news so they’ll be talking about it. I want to be the one who gives them that information in a safe way so that they don’t become fearful hearing something second or third hand and really understanding the context of what’s happened.”

It’s hard to put it into words how you feel when something like this happens. Even if you haven’t been directly affected or know anyone who has, you’re allowed to feel sad, you’re allowed to feel scared.

I can’t stop feeling bad for bringing my daughter into such an evil world. I don’t want her to ever have to deal with anything like this but I know that makes me extremely naive.

When my husband came home on Tuesday evening he asked me if I’d seen the pictures of the eight-year-old victim Saffie Roussos, I replied yes and then he just burst into tears.“That could have been our Ava-Lilly” he sobbed “I know but it wasn’t and we need to remember just how lucky we are” I replied.

I’ve started to think about all the places I probably shouldn’t go especially with my daughter. My best friend Danielle reminded me “Terrible events like this can happen anywhere, you can’t not go somewhere because of fear”. My co-hosts Ant and Michael share the same sentiment – “ if we let fear effect us then the terrorists have won” they both told me.

Whilst speaking to one of my daughter’s friend’s mums I was shocked as she revealed to me that she hasn’t been inside a shopping centre for months. She said she was petrified that an attack like the one at the Manchester Arena would occur. Isn’t it sad that these terrorists can strike fear in the heart of normal people and stop them from living their life to the full?

However hard it is we have to stand together and not let these evil people win. We owe it to the victims of this terrible tragedy, and to ourselves to not be scared but to put our energy into living life to the full.

My thoughts are with the people who have lost loved ones and anyone who was caught up in that fateful night. I’m telling myself constantly that love always wins over hate…something we all should hold onto in times like these.

Right choice to put canvassing on hold

It’s absolutely the right decision to put the election canvassing on hold in the wake of Monday night’s terror attacks in Manchester.

Maybe the focus of every politician especially our Prime Minister Theresa May ought to be on getting the UK through this and working out how to prevent this from happening again.

The attacks at Westminster weren’t that long ago and then to have the country endure Monday’s terror attack, well it’s just too much. Deploying heavily armed guards to up and coming events makes perfect sense but it is a short-term solution and is not sustainable in every day life.

How many times do terrible events happen and we are told the police were aware of the offender?What are we not doing in order to ensure that acts of terrorism doesn’t become part of our everyday lives? Clearly the Government isn’t doing enough and it’s time that changed. The people of the UK have the right to feel safe walking their streets, going to their shopping centers, attending music concerts in their home cities.

It’s time to get tough Theresa May; you need to start coming up with some long-term solutions to prevent Monday night’s tragedy from ever happening again.

Bride Pippa was upstaged by her sister

I really feel for Pippa Middleton – she can’t even be the star on her own wedding day!

There isn’t a photograph of Pippa’s big day without her sister The Duchess of Cambridge in it.

The whole focus from the media seemed to be on Kate’s outfit and of course her gorgeous brood William and Charlotte.

Then there was the fact that the bridegroom’s brother Spencer Matthews was blessed far more in the good looks department than his brother!.

Despite all of this Pippa is beaming in all the photographs I’ve seen although I don’t think a bride is ever really okay with being upstaged by anyone.