Kelly Pegg: Should we embrace growing old gracefully?

Kelly Pegg and her husband Chris. Picture: Sean Elliott Photography
Kelly Pegg and her husband Chris. Picture: Sean Elliott Photography
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Defying the age process is a constant battle once you get to a certain age.

I recently wrote about how I was coping with being told by my hairdresser that I was 40 per cent grey. Whilst some said “go for it, just let it all turn grey” I decided I would continue to dye it, I just don’t feel ready for that, I don’t know if I will ever be ready for that.

Lately I have been feeling old for different reasons. I’m getting to the end of more than three months on the breakfast show without a break. I’m taking just over a week off starting from Good Friday.

I could sleep standing up at the moment and my body aches. I’ve been noticing after gym sessions my body is taking days to recover.

The lines around my eyes seem more prominent that usual and on Sunday something happened which I haven’t been able to stop worrying about.

Whilst in the bath a clump of hair came out. I was horrified and immediately turned to Google to seek help. Turns out age and stress are the top causes of hair loss in women - cue more stress about it actually happening!

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have the lines removed from around my eyes, or as they’re more fondly known, crow’s feet. I also would love to have the lines on my forehead removed but my husband Chris is completely against it. The mere mention of cosmetic surgery of any kind sends him into meltdown: “You’re fine the way you are!” he screams at me.

We have friends who have Botox and get fillers done on a regular basis and I think they look great.

I’m envious of how they just have it done and their husbands have no issues with it. There seems to be a stigma attached to cosmetic surgery where people fear it.

In my 20s I never really thought about it but once I hit 30 I started to study the lines on my face in horror, wishing I could make them magically disappear.

The lines around my eyes are my real bone of contention. I think they make me look my 35 years and some whilst my husband says they’re barely noticeable.

We have argued about it and he tells me that it isn’t a great example to set to our daughter and that instantly makes me feel guilty for even thinking about it.

I train at the gym three to four times a week and eat like a horse. As Ava-Lily grows older I hope to install in her that being strong and healthy is empowering.

I guess if I had Botox or fillers it’s showing her I’m not happy with who I am physically but then again I don’t think I am sometimes, who is really? Does it/would it make me a bad parent if I did have a few fillers around my eyes and forehead? As my daughter is three-and-a-half I wouldn’t be having a conversation with her about it so she would be none the wiser.

I have occasionally said on the show that I think about just doing it and not telling hubby but as a couple we are very honest with each other. I don’t think I would feel comfortable keeping a secret from him.

The fact that he is so against me having any cosmetic procedures also means that I would be disrespecting his feelings I guess. It’s hard though when you look in the mirror and you know you’re starting to age. Your body is showing you the signs and the lines on your face are telling you that you are no longer 25. Do we embrace this and make sure we use a really good moisturiser? Or should we battle it and do whatever we can to remain looking youthful and feeling younger? There’s no question it is easier for men, with age comes a certain sexiness. As a society we tend to class older men as distinguished and knowledgeable.

Older women – well that’s a different matter. The pressure put on women to look great all the time and to constantly look younger is so unfair. Helen Mirren looks fabulous, as does Maggie Smith and I very much doubt they’ve been bothered with Botox or fillers.

Can I learn to love my lines? I guess time will tell.

Exes have stayed friends

Everyone is talking about Gary Lineker letting his ex -wife Danielle Bux stay at his home whenever she is in the UK.

She is in a new relationship and pregnant. The pair have made no secret that they have remained good friends despite their marriage not working out.

I think it’s amicable that they have both held onto a friendship, there aren’t many who come through a divorce and manage to stay friends.

There’s no way I could stay friends with anyone I split up with.

I’m a very passionate person and when things go wrong and they inevitably end I believe that it’s, there is no going back.

Things end for a reason and in my opinion-staying friends can make things very messy.

I couldn’t even begin to think about having one of my exes live with me and I don’t think my husband would be having any of it!

I’d also worry that old feelings could be re-stirred.

However if this works for some people then I say good for them. I really admire Gary and Danielle for remaining able to cherish their relationship in an adult and civilised way.

Engagements talking point

This week on the Breakfast Show we’ve been talking about prolonged engagements.

Our lovely listener Lynette called us to tell us she has been engaged to her fella for 19 years!

We were shocked especially when Lynette confessed she’s not even bothered if they never tie the knot.

My co-host Ant is in the complete opposite position after proposing to his girlfriend Katie in September last year, a date was set within a week.

Katie has organised the whole event and practically everything is already booked in. She is a lady who knows what she wants.

I get couples that are happy just living together and have no desire to get married. However I do find it strange that two people would get engaged but just leave it at that.

Lynette sounded perfectly happy though even after jokingly admitting that she would have been given less time in jail if she had done away with her other half!

Here’s hoping Lynette and her man find their way up the aisle soon.