Kelly Pegg: Is wolf whistling harassment or a compliment?

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I’ve never understood the fuss around wolf whistling, why do people get so offended if a few builders want to let you know you are looking great that day?

Admittedly it’s been a long time since I was wolf whistled at (maybe five years or more) but then again I tend to live in my leggings, sporting an harassed face as I’m always stressed and wearing no make-up so what do I expect?

I know not everyone will agree with me but I think it’s one of the greatest compliments a man or woman can receive and should make a person feel good about themselves, not angry at the world.

Admittedly there is a line and I’m absolutely not condoning lewd remarks or smutty harassment in anyway, but what harm does a genuine wolf whistle really cause?

We don’t compliment each other enough in my opinion.If you think of how many compliments you give or receive on a daily basis it’s probably not that many as we just aren’t very good at saying nice things to each other.

There is a woman who works in the Radio Aire office and she is gorgeous, I’m in awe of her every morning she walks in looking amazing and even though I look like I’ve just crawled out from under a park bench (I’m up at 4am, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) I tell her every morning she looks great because she does.

It makes me feel nice to say something nice to someone; you can’t put a price on kindness.

Nowadays it seems everything is unacceptable or off the cards so to speak and I think it’s bonkers! We are becoming so PC.

I have known women to say to me that if a guy holds a door open for them they give him a ticking off “because we can hold a door open ourselves thanks very much “.

I have no words for women who make these kinds of remarks, I guess they call it feminism but I would disagree. I think it’s actually rude for someone NOT to hold the door open for you and I have first hand experience with this one. My husband Chris often lets a door swing in my face as he marches on in front without any consideration for little old me following behind him and yes I do tell him off, not that it makes any difference!

If we don’t watch it we are going to become a nation that has to think, rethink and check everything we want to say to someone before actually saying it…sounds crazy doesn’t it? That’s because it is actually crazy!

In the past there have been calls for wolf whistling to be made illegal with some people claiming it’s harassment. I think there is a big difference between a harmless wolf whistle and a person being harassed.

I’ve heard people say that it’s objectifying women and we shouldn’t focus on appearance but be honest, you don’t go out with a person unless you find them attractive do you? Like it or not our appearance does matter and both men and women are held up as pin ups. Take perfume adverts for example, there will always be a gorgeous looking male model and female model in an often-steamy advert endorsing a brand of perfume.

We are surrounded by images of perfect looking people in a bid to give us ordinary folk something to aspire to. We asked if wolf whistling should be made illegal on the Breakfast show this week and one of our listeners Michelle called to say she wolf whistles at guys all the time and loves it when the same compliment is returned.

Is it different when a woman does it to a man? Are women less threatening? Well if we are talking about equality then it shouldn’t make any difference. If you fancy someone or you think they look hot life is too short not to say as much, just be careful how you say it!

Here’s hoping I might get a wolf whistle or two sometime soon, for if I do I certainly won’t be complaining.

Some light in a terrible event

My heart goes out to the victims, family members and everyone who was caught up in the London terror attacks at the weekend.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news; my heart sank, as I’m sure yours did too.

It’s just too hard to comprehend that anyone could act in such an evil way.

It’s difficult to feel safe in such turbulent times but we have to hope that this does end.

I think what is clear is that more needs to be done to tackle and preferably prevent terrorism but unfortunately it seems our politicians are using the issue as a political tool.

They need to be more honest and focus on keeping this country safe.

The paramedics and armed police were at the scene at Westminster Bridge in less than eight minutes – how incredible is that?

In fact the paramedics arrived slightly earlier than the armed police so the three terrorists were still on the scene stabbing people and the paramedics risked their life to help save others.

How lucky are we to have such wonderful, brave people work for our emergency services?

It’s strange that with such a terrible dark event there’s some light – right under noses we see the special, kind people outweigh the wicked people in this world, which is what we have to hold onto in times like these.

Flying the flag for Yorkshire

A massive congratulations to Emmerdale who cleaned up at this year’s British Soap Awards proving why the soap reins supreme over its competitors Eastenders and Coronation Street.

Winning Best Soap for a second year running is also a massive achievement.

Emmerdale is down to earth, relatable, witty and humorous and whilst it does tackle serious topics like the Alzheimer’s storyline involving the characters Ashley and Laurel, it doesn’t go too far, unlike Coronation Street which I’ve completely stopped watching.

The current grooming storyline is just too hard to watch and too sickening if I’m honest. This time the Coronation Street writers have gone way too far with people even complaining to Ofcom about how it’s uncomfortable watching.

As for Eastenders well I haven’t watched that pile of misery for years and I can honestly say I wouldn’t live in Walford if you paid me – everyone dies!

Well done to everyone who works on Emmerdale, keep flying the flag for TV made in Yorkshire.

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