Kelly Pegg: Is it ever okay to discipline other people’s children?

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For the last month or so every weekend has been filled with birthday parties and soft play dates.

Whilst it is lovely meeting other parents and watching my daughter have fun I’ve been shocked at just how badly behaved some kids actually are.

What is even more alarming is how some parents don’t do anything about it; they don’t even keep an eye on their children.

My daughter is four in July; she is no angel and has her moments like any so I’m not at all saying she is perfect.

I am a big believer in always keeping an eye on her though, especially as she is so young.

I want to make sure she behaves properly more than anything.

At soft play I’m with her every step of the way mostly because I’m worried bigger children will get rough with her.

At birthday parties I watch her like a hawk especially if there’s a bouncy castle.

It often seems that parents use these types of occasions to “have a break” and then they’re shocked when someone has to tell them their child is crying or their child has upset another.

My husband took our daughter to a birthday party a few weeks ago and he took a book to read!

Of course there was a ‘situation’ when Ava-Lilly was on the bouncy castle involving her and a friend from nursery and one of the mums had to go and get him.

I was mortified when he told me and not best pleased with him I can tell you! I’m so different to Chris, I stand there and watch her so I can make sure she’s okay.

We went to one of her friend’s birthday parties at the weekend where there was a lady in charge of watching all the kids playing on the bouncy castle. She was amazed that I stood there keeping an eye on my daughter and told me very few parents bother at parties.

She said nine times out of ten there was always an accident or a fight and the mums and dads were no where to be seen.

I do tell older boys off at soft play areas if they are too rough which they often are. I admit though when I’ve told them off I’m always worried I’m going to get a tap on the shoulder from an angry parent.

My best friend once had a situation where the mum of her daughter’s friend decided to discipline my best friend’s daughter in her own house.

So her little girl wasn’t sharing which often happens when you’re in your own home and this mum started telling her off.

My best friend said she would never invite her back as she crossed a line. She was trying to deal with it and this woman just took control and was unpleasant to her daughter. So there can be times when it is in appropriate and not your place to discipline someone’s child. I’m not sure how I’d feel if another parent told my daughter off but I guess if I wasn’t watching and she was in the wrong then it would be my own fault.

Sometimes when I look around it seems like some parents aren’t that bothered. It’s okay for a child to pull another child’s hair, pinch and push “they’re just playing”.

I strongly disagree with this, behaviour is as important as manners and nobody wants their child to be known as the ‘toe-rag’ of the bunch. I remember when my daughter was only one-and-a-bit and we were at a children’s play session. A boy around the age of three punched her straight in the face and his mum did nothing, it was like she didn’t know how to act or that she thought this was okay.

It was clear who needed telling off and I don’t mean the little boy!

It is difficult being a parent and it’s definitely not always easy keeping an eye on your kids all the time, in fact it’s impossible.

I can’t help but feel sometimes it’s the mums and dads who need telling off though not the children.

Adele should get over nerves

So Adele’s announced she probably won’t tour again as she finds it exhausting and she still suffers terribly with nerves before going on stage.

She’s currently on tour in Australia where she told fans she ‘only tours for them’.

I’m happy to admit I’m not the biggest Adele fan going so this latest statement hasn’t bothered me too much, however I really take offence with her saying ‘I only tour for my fans’.

Popstars make an absolute fortune from touring and it’s the least they can do after fans have bought their albums and supported them.

Whilst it’s not nice to think of anyone suffering from nerves in the grand scheme of being Adele it’s a small price to pay.

Performing means going out on stage and facing thousands of fans – it’s part of being famous.

Robbie Williams has spoken many times about being frozen with fear when on stage but he carries on.

Adele is in privileged position that many people can only dream of.

If Adele doesn’t want to tour ever again, may I suggest that she should stop making albums too and perhaps get a job as a shelf stacker in a supermarket – it could suit her better.

Focus on some family time

We had some lovely family time at the weekend visiting the opening of the Furchester Hotel at CBeebies land Alton Towers.

It’s so important sometimes to get away and focus on your little unit.

Ava-Lilly was really excited and talked about nothing else. There was a special disco and dinner put on for Friday night and to my surprise it was full of celebrities and there was me with no make-up looking like I hadn’t slept in a month! My daughter was dancing with the cutest little boy who turned out to be model Danielle Lloyd’s son –I was chatting away to his mum for about ten minutes before I realised who she was.

The staff were wonderful and the whole weekend was really special.

It’s so important when you have children to be able to go to places that are geared up for families because if you’re a parent you will know it can be hard work! My husband Chris had a ball as well –being a big kid at heart he loves rollercoasters.

I’m really looking forward to going back and next time I’ll being having some mum time and booking myself into the spa.