Kelly Pegg: How many times is enough when getting hitched?

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I don’t think anyone gets married thinking they will be doing it again in a few years time with someone different.

Whether you stand in a church, at the registry office, or on a beach, you make your vows and you genuinely believe it’s forever. I remember my wedding day, looking at my husband and thinking I will grow old with you through thick and thin, this is it. Now in reality, none of us really know what’s going to happen in life, we meet people and fall in love hoping it will last forever and, of course, it doesn’t always work out that way.

I do believe in ‘the one’ though and I think there is someone out there for everybody, I am happy to admit I am old fashioned and believe in romance and that one big love.

The actor Sean Bean recently got married for the fifth time, which is extremely brave and possibly a little crazy. I don’t understand anyone who would want to tie the knot more than twice - marriage is the biggest commitment a person can make and it’s also very expensive.

I’m my husband’s second wife, he always says, I’m his ‘one’ and he feels so lucky to have found me and be in a happy marriage. Now I feel exactly the same, however, if he left me tomorrow I’m not sure I would ever get married again.

If I were Sean Bean’s latest addition I’d feel very nervous about being the fifth Mrskelly pegg Bean, as clearly he doesn’t have the greatest track record. Marriage isn’t for everyone and if you were onto your fifth surely you would be questioning yourself? Friends of the Hollywood actor say they’ve never seen him so in love but surely they said the same the first, second, third and fourth time he got married.

I believe there are people out there who aren’t suited to long term relationships. It seems there are people who refuse to accept that, maybe it’s because deep down nobody wants to be alone forever?

People can be in a healthy, loving relationship without getting married though. I know people who have been with their partner for more than ten years and have children together but don’t see the need to get married, as they are happy as they are. Can putting a ring on it sometimes doom a relationship? Well I guess it depends on the circumstances but I absolutely think that can be the case.

I love being married and feel lucky to have met the only man I want to be with, although there are days when I don’t feel like that. You can hear me from afar cursing him as I pick up his boxers from the bedroom floor because he can’t seem to find our laundry basket.

When I talked about Sean Bean on the radio lots of people got in touch to tell me it’s okay to marry multiple times. This included a lady who was on her fifth husband. Joyce sounded like one of the happiest women on the planet as she shared her story with us of how husband number five is 15 years younger than her and she’s never felt so alive. I felt really pleased for Joyce.

There will always be traditional romantics in the world like me who believe there is just that one special person out there for us. Maybe for some people though there isn’t just the one? Perhaps some people are destined to have multiple loves who came along disguised as the one but sadly don’t end up that way.

As long as we are happy and loved that is all that matters really. That said, you will never see me tying the knot five times, it was enough hassle the first time round. Fitting into the wedding dress, deciding who to invite, working out costs and worrying about everything going according to plan, it was so stressful.

Don’t get me wrong it was the best day of my life marrying my soul mate - but that’s it, I intend on only doing it once.