Kelly Pegg: Hopeless romantic Kylie needs to change her ‘type’

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I felt really sad when I read that pop star Kylie Minogue has had her heart broken again.

She was all set to tie the knot with her younger lover Joshua Sasse until apparently discovering he had grown close to a fellow actress on set.

Apparently her family is thrilled over the split as they had big concerns over the actor’s true intentions.

The 29-year old seemed to love the trappings which came with dating Kylie. At 48, some would say Kylie should have known better, after all there’s no fool like an old fool.

I think she’s a hopeless romantic who gets caught up in the whole whirlwind that love offers initially. Everyone knows though sustainability is what is needed in a long-term relationship and that sizzle doesn’t last.

Kylie really has been unlucky in love with a long list of failed relationships where it seems she always ends up having her heart broken.

It’s hard to believe isn’t it? She is beautiful, talented and successful - what man wouldn’t want her on his arm? It seems they all want her on their arm just not forever.

Kylie is a bad boy magnet... she goes for tall, dark, brooding good-looking bad boys who are always younger than her.

This is where she is going wrong, her type hasn’t changed at all over the years. She keeps falling for the same guys and they keep breaking her heart.

As a woman I can totally relate to this. I always loved the bad boys; it was the challenge, the not knowing, and the excitement.

Thankfully I did realise that ‘my type’ wasn’t ever going to lead to happiness only sadness.

I remember I was 25 and had been on a few dates with a guy called John. He was a bit of a beefcake, well dressed, dark hair, just my type.

There was something odd about him though and I couldn’t put my finger on it. He ended up ‘ghosting me’ so basically disappearing.

A few months later I received a call from John to tell me he was getting married. Turned out he’d been engaged for two years whilst dating other girls including me.

At that point I told myself I didn’t want to be a bad boy magnet anymore, it was time for a change.

My husband Chris is a geek, he’s intelligent, super hero obsessed and loves nothing more than rolling around in his scruffs.

He is useless when it comes to chat up lines and has never been a ladies man.

He isn’t a dark brooding beefcake; he’s skinny, with blonde/grey hair and doesn’t follow fashion.

Chris is my happy ever after, a good guy with values and a guy who would rather be tied to his family than out flirting with other women.

The bad boy doesn’t want to settle down or commit but is great at convincing women he does.

I think the majority of women have all been in a least one relationship with a bad boy and have convinced themselves they can change them.

It’s the biggest lie a woman can ever tell herself and it seems that Kylie has been telling herself this for too long.

I do wish she had married Jason Donovan – I loved them both as a young girl and was obsessed with the idea they would tie the knot.

He would never have broken her heart but then again he was a good boy unlike who she did end up dating in the 90s – Inxs singer Michael Hutchence.

It’s clear Kylie needs to change her type; I think she needs an older man who will treasure her.

My nana Jean has a saying ‘handsome is as handsome does’.

I think it’s time Kylie found herself a nice professor type – brains and good conversation over brawn and beauty any day.

Celebs are not role models

Celebrity Big Brother has graced our TV screens once again and thankfully is now over!

I don’t watch it; I just end up being horrified when reading about it all.

I find it really sad how these so called celebrities are so desperate for attention they will go on live TV and talk about anything just to get noticed.

They’re desperate for fame and are so full of their own self-importance.

They’re more than happy to cheat on partners watching them from home or be vile to fellow housemates just to make headlines.

I really hope young people don’t watch this show and think that these people are role models...they’re really not.

When our date night went wrong

Every couple looks forward to a date night especially if you’re married with children and don’t often get the chance to go out together.

My husband Chris and I have never been keen on leaving our daughter lots. The three of us are stuck together like glue most of the time.

It is nice now and again though to plan a date night. We usually do this when my in-laws Jan and Ken are staying with us.

Last Saturday we had booked a lovely restaurant, I had my hair done and had bought a new outfit all ready to ‘wow’ my hubby.

A few hours into our night out and it all took a turn for the worst. I had a terrible reaction to the food and red wine and I spent the weekend bed bound including a Monday off work.

My husband was totally fine but me well I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach and back over and over again.

For more than a month now I’ve been eating super clean food, training hard at the gym and drinking no alcohol and I’ve never felt better both physically and mentally.

I feel like my body really likes the super healthy Kelly and therefore rejected the rich food and poison (alcohol) I was delivering it on Saturday night. If I’m honest I’m still feeling the effects of it nearly a week on which is just horrible.

The whole very unromantic ordeal did help me make a decision though, one that I’ve been thinking about implementing for a while.

I’ve decided I don’t like alcohol at all anymore so I’ve become teetotal and it feels like a great decision.