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The last six weeks have been full of excitement, secrets and sickness.

I am over the moon to tell you that I am three months pregnant with my second baby.

‘Two’ is due at Christmas and so far it’s been a real rollercoaster ride.

There is this wonderful feeling of joy that is taken away from you once the sickness kicks in.

It was definitely a man who came up with the term ‘morning sickness’ in my case it’s been all day and all night. Last week it got worse and it turned out I had contracted an ecoli water infection.

Thankfully since taking antibiotics everything has got a lot better and I’m eating and drinking – something I have greatly missed!

At 35 years old I absolutely think it’s harder being pregnant the second time round. Everything moves so much quicker, for example when I was carrying my daughter I didn’t show until around 25 weeks. This time I have a bump at 12 weeks and I’m already wearing maternity leggings and dresses.

I have two big announcements as not only am I expecting my second child but I’ve also decided to leave Radio Aire’s Breakfast Show after nearly two years of 4am alarm calls.

For the past six months at least I’ve felt swamped trying to juggle my working life and my family life.

When my husband fell really ill at Christmas and had to stay in hospital I knew deep down something had to change. He’d been so ill and I hadn’t seen it because I was too busy working and feeling tired! I had let him down and I still feel terrible about that. My daughter turns four soon and starts school in September and I really want to be there for her and get involved with her new journey.

I want to be the mum who drops her off at school, picks her up and helps with her homework.

I’m just going to put it out there and say I don’t believe a person can have it all. I genuinely used to but what I’ve learnt is that when you’re spinning too many plates there are always tiny holes that need covering over. I’ve got to the point in my life where that just isn’t good enough anymore, my family are my world and I’m so lucky to have them.

I want to cherish them more.

I think we all give ourselves such a hard time, telling ourselves that we have to do everything and just manage. The truth is life is short, money just isn’t everything and although I love my career, it isn’t who I am. I’m a wife and mum and I’m extremely proud of that. There is still a stigma surrounding mums or dads who choose to stay at home and raise their family.

There really shouldn’t be in this day and age. I speak to lots of our lovely listeners who are stay-at-home mums and I always tell them it’s the hardest job in the world and the most under appreciated.

I’m proud to say this is what I’ve chosen and for the next few years I’m going to be drowning in nappies again! If you’re reading this and sometimes you feel embarrassed then don’t.

Know what you’re doing is brilliant and be proud. I think the terrible terror attacks we have witnessed recently has also made me think even harder about why we must make the most of our lives. For all we know, we are only here once and to love and care for those who mean the most is the most important job in the word.

Having more time on my hands before baby number two arrives also means I can spend more time with my Nana Jean.

She can’t wait to have us stay for a few days although she may change her mind after dealing with her diva great granddaughter for a few days! So I’m going to be a full time mummy and a part time radio presenter. I’m staying on my Saturday breakfast show and I’ll do cover here and there.

I leave Radio Aire on July 7 and I will genuinely miss it.I’ve worked with some brilliant people, learnt so much and I love my listeners – I will miss chatting to them every morning the most. I’ve been very lucky and have lots of special memories of Leeds and the wonderful people who make this city so great.

Would you hire a hacker?

On my Saturday breakfast show I talked about a new scheme via the internet called Hire Hacker where you can hire an actual hacker to crack your partners passwords for their social media sites, email and phone, if you think they may be up to something.

At a cost of £40 it’s a lot cheaper than hiring a private detective and probably a much easier process.

We took lots of calls on this with the majority of women saying they wish Hire a Hacker had existed a few years ago when they were having trouble with their then partners. Katy called to talk about how her ex had cheated on her with eight different women at the same time and Kristy said that when she was cheated on it was work colleagues who told her about it. She was so humiliated and wished she could have found out in a more discreet way. People who cheat are often very clever at hiding it and it can be difficult to catch them out.

I imagine if you were in a relationship and strongly believed your partner was being unfaithful you would do anything for peace of mind. If I ever found myself in a position where I thought I was being cheated on, I would 100 percent want to find out the truth. If it meant accessing my partner’s private messages and emails then I would do it. I’m an old fashioned girl who believes in monogamy and there’s no way I would turn a blind eye to a cheating spouse.

If you know the truth then you can move on with your life.

Overwhelming support for Ant

The news about Ant McPartlin going into rehab after admitting to battling an addiction to alcohol and painkillers has shocked everyone.

Ant and Dec are the most successful television presenters in the UK, everybody loves their boy next door charm and without doubt their squeaky clean image is one of the biggest keys to their success. The support for Ant’s recovery has been overwhelming and rightly so. He has been so brave to come out so publicly and admit he has a problem and needs help.

My mum had a long battle with alcohol addiction and just couldn’t admit she had a problem. I often think if she had been able to come to terms with her addiction and admit it to herself and us, she would probably still be here. Life can be tough sometimes and personal battles we have can send us over the edge. We never really know what is going on in someone else’s life, that’s why it’s so important to try and always be kind – because everyone is fighting his or her own battle.

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