Jayne Dawson: Josie’s gift of life isn’t quite in Christmas spirit

BABY TALK: Josie Cunningham is going for the DNA shocker.
BABY TALK: Josie Cunningham is going for the DNA shocker.
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To be honest, I feel sorry for her. I know Josie Cunningham wouldn’t want my sympathy, I’m pretty sure she would think she is having the last laugh, but I don’t think so.

She sees a career as a downmarket celebrity, I see someone making life difficult for herself and her children.

Josie is the Leeds woman who usually comes with the tag: “NHS Boob Scrounger” on account of her having her breasts enlarged at the taxpayers’ expense.

I once contacted her requesting an interview about that, but she never got back to me. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine anything that doesn’t pay for stories would hold zero interest for Josie.

But she isn’t the only person to have cosmetic surgery on the NHS. I know two people who have had 
nose jobs courtesy of the taxpayer.

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The point about Josie is that having being labelled a scrounger, she decided to attempt to make a career out of it.

She has tried to set herself up as the poster girl for anyone who lives off benefits and is proud of it.

Her latest stunts, if the reports are to be believed and who really knows about that, is to set up a website for girls who want to have a baby, so they can get a council house more easily, and live off benefits.

She says her website only provides what many women experience on a normal Saturday night, and helpfully points out that parents gain more points in many councils’ scoring systems, so her website is only playing the system.

Her other stunts include selling tickets to the birth of her third child, and calling breastfeeding “borderline incest”.

Early in that pregnancy she talked about aborting the child so she could be a contestant on Big Brother and she claimed to have smoked and drank throughout the pregnancy, until the point she discovered she was having a girl.

Josie Cunningham is, basically, marketing herself as a character so ignorant, so ridiculous that even the writers of that great, late series Shameless would have struggled to make her up.

Her latest scheme sounds like a perfect plot for misery soap EastEnders.

Josie claims that she is going to reveal the identity of her baby’s father to him in a Christmas card, delivered personally and late on Christmas Eve.

I mean, who dreams up this nonsense? The story is that Josie has persuaded three potential fathers to take DNA tests, and pay for them.

Josie has tried to spice up her little tale, saying the father will be a lucky chap, having a beautiful daughter as well as the memory of a wild night with her lovely self.

But it’s all just sordid and sad, isn’t it? This three-month old pawn in the game will one day grow up to know that her very existence was just a by-product of a woman’s desperate attempt to grab some limelight and some money.

When the tipping point is reached - when Josie is old and her daughter a mature adult ...well, I wouldn’t want to be either one of them.

Just to emphasise her stupidity, Josie has revealed that she was duped into believing one of the potential fathers was a premiership footballer but it turns out - quelle surprise - that he was lying.

The mother of three has, it is reported, recently moved to a bigger council house, further enraging those who love to hate her.

But we should feel sorry for Josie Cunningham. Not because she is a victim, she isn’t; she has chosen her own path. But because the life she has chosen is horrible, and one day her children could tell her so.