Jayne Dawson: At last an Olympic idea that chimes

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Let me just say “sideburns”. I think you’ll know what I mean. There he was, on his winner’s podium, looking all lean and angular and – surprisingly cool.

Because, generally speaking, sideburns are not a cool look – creating an image somewhere between an Edwardian gentleman and a 1950s’ rocker, with a touch of Abraham Lincoln thrown in.

And yet on Tour De France winner Bradley Wiggins, they look good.

So here’s my prediction: sideburns, those things that men shaved off yonks ago, are about to have a Wiggins-inspired comeback, they are possibly about to become the red braces of this decade – in your face and everywhere.

They have, after all, a long history and they haven’t been revived for a few decades. A break from the fashion wilderness is about due.

So now I find myself doing something I have never done before – checking out the hair in front of blokes’ ears. In front of. Not inside.

The general acceptance is that a sideburn becomes a sideburn below the ear. This is what I am looking for.

But this is the age of inclusion and not everyone can have real sideburns so I suggest we all, men and women alike, make ourselves a pair out of sticky-backed plastic, to wear for the cycling events in the Olympics. If that’s not getting behind our Olympian, I don’t know what is.

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