I don’t mind a bit of ‘corrective socialism’ now but while Corbyn promises the earth, please remember, Theresa, most of the time, people vote with their pockets

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My colleagues have me down as a ‘Tory Boy’ after I surprised them some months ago by announcing I was pro-Brexit.

Oh, and admiring Theresa May. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like some of Jeremy Corbyn traits. To my mind, there’s no hypocrisy in liking aspects of both. Long ago, when Tony Blair became PM (before he shredded his reputation), I firmly believed in him. It wasn’t a Tory/Labour thing, it was about conviction, self-belief, passion. Blair had it. Theresa May has it. Corbyn sometimes has it.

Part of me looks at the forthcoming General Election as May’s to lose - as one quick-witted Corbynite pointed out, June always marks the end of May. Maybe.

The problem is, for all his faults, Corbyn is rather good at all that rolling around in the grass stuff, at speaking to the common man. Presentation-wise, he’s just a bit more laid back than May, who (despite my liking for her) looks like a vulture when she cranes over those lecterns and if you stare at her long enough straight on, you’re likely to go bozz-eyed and forget what you were supposed to be doing. So here’s what I like about Corbyn:-

He wants to scrap Trident, which costs £160bn, which is enough to buy the EU, let alone leave it.

He wants to give us more bank holidays - who doesn’t like having to work extra hard in the run-up just so you can enjoy the extra day off?

He wants to privatise energy firms… and while he’s at it, may I suggest doing the same for the annual rip-off that is car insurance?

He will pull us out of Syria and seems to have a general ‘hands off’ attitude to foreign affairs.

He’s promised to go hunting for internet ogres who make billions while paying hardly any tax.

He is a real life socialist (you know, like those folks who founded the NHS, the one thing this country is known for around the world and of which we are all so very proud), as opposed to Tony Blair, who was basically just a Tory with a red tie on (still is).

If elected PM, Corbyn would probably do CBeebies Bedtime Stories. Heck, we could probably even entice him into a bit of Ninja Warrior UK or a stint with Bear Grylls when we finally get bored of him.

I don’t mind a spot of corrective socialism every now and then. Like any foul-tasting medicine, it’s probably good for you in the long run. Still, May has given Corbyn a shot to nothing with this election, so while he’s promising us all the earth, she’d do well to remember that most of the time, people vote with their pockets.

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