Heed festive drink drive warning

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EVERY Christmas it's the same warning – and every year there are those who choose to ignore it.

The festive period is the worst time of the year for drink-driving offences. That's down to a combination of increased temptation for motorists and heightened vigilance from the authorities.

Police in West Yorkshire make hundreds of arrests every month – and numbers rocket over Christmas.

Many of those are idiots who believe they drive just as well after downing a couple of pints.

Yet there are also motorists who think nothing of climbing behind the wheel the morning after a works party or a big night out when they're still over the limit.

Police are emphasising that there will be no hiding place this year.

Those who risk driving after drinking will be gambling not just with their own life but those of others too.

It's not worth losing your life or livelihood for the sake of a moment of madness.

What's a few extra quid spent on a taxi when set against losing your licence and your job, or even landing up in jail?

The message is simple: If you're going to drink this Christmas, leave the car at home.

Stumped by boycott

WE can understand the anger directed at the state of bus services in Leeds.

But in the case of the planned bus boycott we don't understand the means of expressing that anger.

Protest group Fair Fares For All wants regular bus users to make their journeys by other means on at least one day over the festive period.

And it's asking people who join the boycott to put the money they save to good use by donating it to charity.

On face value it seems a worthy idea, but the difficulty with it is that many people have no alternative but to take the bus. If they did have another option, the chances are they would already be exercising it.

So while they might want to boycott their regular bus to work or to the shops, in many cases circumstances dictate they can't.

The bus companies know that only too well, of course, leaving them free to act with impunity when it comes to chopping services or hiking up fares.

That's precisely why it's so vital that Metro now pushes ahead with its drive to reform bus services in the city and put the key decisions relating to them back in public hands.

Winter warmers

WITH temperatures plummeting once again it looks like we're in for a cold Christmas and New Year.

Still, at least there's an upside to the big freeze.

We might actually find a use for all those usually unwanted socks and gloves we're sure to be unwrapping on Christmas morning.

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