Have a happy new year and a safe one too

Just one more day to go before we wave goodbye to the last 12 turbulent months and say hello to 2011.

It may have been a year of ups and downs, of change and uncertainty but that's no reason not to celebrate 2010, and celebrate in style.

Even if, for many, there doesn't feel like there's much reason to raise a glass or a smile, make the effort because New Year's Eve really is a special night.

But you only have 24 hours left, so if you haven't already made preparations, now is the time to get moving and get back into the festive spirit.

If you've been invited to a party, confirm you're coming. If you're toying with meeting up with friends, firm up the arrangement. And if there's the opportunity to spend it with loved ones, seize it.

Because New Year may be a chance for reflection but above all else it's a chance to count your blessings – not to mention have a good time.

But don't have a good time at the expense of your safety.

Don't drink too much. Don't venture out in the wintery conditions on foot when you've had a few too many because it could end up being a miserable new year.

And don't even think about drinking and driving – that's the worst thing you could do.

If you are travelling anywhere to see in the bells make sure you have arrangements in place to get from your home to your destination and back again without breaking your neck or breaking the law.

If you're inviting friends and family over to yours make sure they've done the same.

No one wants a tragedy on their hands at a time of year which should be all about happiness.

But don't let any of the hassle put you off pushing the boat out. Arranging a party and doing so safely is not impossible – and it's worth it.

It's also worth taking some time out now to think about the next 12 months – what do you want to achieve? How can you make 2011 better? What are your resolutions?

Now is a good point to reflect because 2010 is virtually at an end.

Come tomorrow and New Year's Day, you might not be able to think with quite as clear a head.

Reflection is always good, but sober reflection is always better.

So get out a pen and paper, make a list. Think of all the things you intended to do this year, but didn't.

Put them on your To Do list along with any other ambitions you've always harboured.

You may not tick every single aim of that list, but if you don't try you'll achieve nothing.

The enthusiasm may well wear off within a few weeks, or within a month or two, but don't be too hard on yourself. In that time you may well have taken a few steps closer to fulfilment.

And what better way to kick start that enthusiasm than having a good old knees-up on New Year's Eve?

Get out there, have a good time as you look to the future, but make sure you do so safely.

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