Hats off to team Warrington, the world champions

That is has taken so long for this great city to produce a world champion boxer tells you all you need to know about the scale of Josh Warrington's achievement on Saturday night.

Sunday, 20th May 2018, 8:25 pm
Updated Sunday, 20th May 2018, 8:56 pm
Josh Warrington v Lee Selby World title fight at Elland Road, Leeds sat 19th may 2018 Josh won on points Pictured with wife Natasha after his win

Seeing the life-long Leeds United fan out-class, out-wit and out-box someone of the quality of Lee Selby inside a bouncing Elland Road will have had Loiners puffing out their chests with pride the world over.

Seeing the war-weary Warrington drop to his knees in floods of joyful tears as the split points decision rang out around LS11 was enough to choke-up the most hardened of fight-fans because cut that man in half and you will find ‘Made In Leeds’ running through him like a stick of rock, but it is a rock of a different type that should take huge credit for what Josh has been able to achieve: his wife, Natasha.

Having given birth to twin girls just weeks ago, it is her down-to-earth no-nonsense attitude that helps drive her husband. Typically, she made clear to the all-conquering world champion that his next fight would be with his newborn girls’ nappies so that she can enjoy a well-earned lie-in. They make a formidable team do Mr and Mrs Warrington and so we felt it fitting to picture the two of them side-by-side on our front page today.

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As we’ve come to expect, the elated Warrington said he’d celebrate, not with a flash new car or a posh watch, but with a fry-up and a Guinness.

Well, we’ll drink to that, champ. And thank you for your commitment to your craft and to the city. We salute you.