Halogen bulbs will be banned in UK from October - and could cost £100 to replace - 10 things you said

Halogen light bulbs will be banned from sale in the UK next month as part of the government’s plans to tackle climate change.

Tuesday, 28th September 2021, 4:45 pm
Halogen light bulbs will be banned from sale in the UK from 1 October (Photo: Shutterstock)

From 1 October, shops will no longer be allowed to sell the energy draining bulbs meaning households will instead have to buy more efficient LEDs.The ban on halogen light bulbs comes as part of a series of measures to address climate change.

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Halogen bulbs will be banned in UK from October - and could cost £100 to replace

It is expected that the switch to LED bulbs will cut 1.26 million tonnes of CO2, which is the equivalent of removing more than half a million cars.

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The UK began phasing out the energy guzzling halogen bulbs in 2018, with the government announcing in June that they would be pulled from shelves this year.

The ban was originally meant to kick in on 1 September, but will now come into effect on 1 October.

The announcement proved to be a big talking point on our Facebook page. Here's what you said...

Andrew Smith: "I witness the physical effects of global climate change and the destabilisation of the ecosystem daily in the job that I do.

"Anything that may alter our current trajectory for the better should at least be tried, because doing nothing isn't the answer."

Neale Deacon: "No they won't cost £100 to replace. They will be replaced as they fail just as 100w, 60w etc bulbs were gradually replaced. More media scaremongering."

Norman Wakefield: "LED are as good."

Matthew Spriggs: "Sensationalist headline as always. So they will ban the sale of them, but that doesn’t mean you need to replace the ones you currently have!!!"

Samantha Knight: "Queue panic buying lightbulbs."

Paul Robinson: "£100 to change - just buy some LED bulbs!!"

Kelly Collett: "So people will be panic buying light bulbs now!"

Martin Greenwood: "Changing a light bulb will stop natural planet climate cycle."

Jeanette Ledbury: "Been promising this for years and never doing it they are always blowing up."

Damian Thornton: "Was this a light bulb moment… I wonder which politician has a partner who sells replacements."

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