Grant Woodward: Good work Dave, now can Jihadi John be next please?

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DO you ever wonder if you’ve gone stark raving mad? Or if the rest of the world has beaten you to it?

DO YOU ever wonder if you’ve gone stark raving mad? Or if the rest of the world has beaten you to it?

It’s a thought that’s struck me as all these bleeding heart liberals crawl out of the woodwork to whine about David Cameron bumping off two ISIS fighters in Syria.

‘Murder!’ they scream, while the fact these lunatics were Brits apparently makes it worse.


Sorry, but this pair of scumbags ceased to be citizens of this country the minute they packed their bags and signed up for a movement committed to its annihilation.

I completely understand the concerns that we shouldn’t sink to the terrorists’ level. But this was not indiscriminate killing.

These weren’t innocent women or children. They didn’t sign their own death warrant simply for being journalists, aid workers or following a religion some deranged fanatic wants to wipe off the planet.

No, these men were monsters. Pure and simple.

Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin had signed up to murder, pillage and destroy in the name of some warped ideology.

In other words, they got exactly what was coming to them.

After all, as one of Amin’s childhood pals said the other day, he knew what he was getting into.

But there are still some twerps out there who argue their deaths were unlawful because they didn’t pose an immediate threat to Britain

I’m sorry, but that’s naive to the point of stupidity.

Are we meant to wait for them to blow us up first?

The fact is that every member of this apocalyptic death cult poses an immediate threat to this country.

In case it’s escaped their notice, we’re at war with ISIS. Have been for some time.

To the more observant among us, there have been a few clues along the way.

The slaughter and attempted beheading of serviceman Lee Rigby on the streets of London was a fairly major tip-off.

Sawing off British aid workers heads live on camera should have given us another hefty nudge.

It’s clear these maniacs are committed to exterminating every single one of us that doesn’t subscribe to their sick and twisted take on the world.

If it wouldn’t be playing into ISIS’s hands and a sure-fire recipe for military disaster most right-thinking people would love to send the troops in and wipe them off the face of the planet.

But in the absence of that we’ll just have to make do with drones.

And now we’ve started, let’s hope the Government makes short work of its “hitlist’” – starting with that cretin Jihadi John.

Some say these monsters should be brought back to Britain and tried in a court of law.

In that case, would they be happy to pop over to Syria and asking them to do the decent thing and come quietly?

Nope, didn’t think so.

The fact is there are times when you have to fight fire with fire.

These extremists will happily kill innocent people in cold blood, so they should expect to have the same treatment dished out to them.

The killings have left the father of two other Brits believed to be fighting alongside the so-called Islamic State in Syria worried that they too could be on the Government’s kill list.

While it must be hell for him, I sincerely hope his sons are living under the same cloud of fear.

They deserve to lie awake at night wondering if that distant hum is the sound of a drone armed with a warhead with their name on it. It’s about time they got to experience some of the terror they’re inflicting on the rest of the world.

It would be wrong to glorify these deaths and the ones that follow, but we shouldn’t be ashamed of them either. We’d be fools to sit here wringing our hands over the demise of those who wish us – and this country – harm.

And if we’re so bothered about killing fellow Brits, how about revoking the citizenship of those who have renounced this country and all it stands for before we pull the trigger?

Keep Queenie, ditch the rest

HATS OFF to the Queen. At teatime yesterday she became the longest-serving monarch in British history.

At 63 years and seven months, the old girl’s put in quite a shift.

Having said that, I reckon most of us would be fairly sprightly at 89 if we didn’t have to work for a living.

Yes, I know, I know. Her Maj’s diary is chock-full of trips and engagements – but it’s not exactly life at the coal face, is it?

Still, I do admire her sense of duty and determination to serve her country and its citizens, offering a sense of stability over the course of six-and-bit turbulent decades.

I just wish the same could be said of the other Royals.

Prince Andrew’s role seems to be to fit in as many rounds of golf as humanly possible – aided by his own personal chopper (and no, that’s not a reference to his Randy Andy nickname).

Edward has failed at absolutely everything – and cost us taxpayers a small fortune in the process.

And the new generation are just as bad. Andrew and Fergie’s daughter Beatrice is proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with her 17 holidays in eight months and two lavish homes – which (cynic that I am) I’m not entirely sure were funded by the 20-grand a year job she used to have.

So please keep going as long as you like, Queenie. But can you do us all a favour and make the rest of the tribe do an honest day’s work for once?

Head’s right in uniform row

WELL DONE to Mike Roper, the new headteacher at Allerton Grange High School in Leeds.

Having brought in a new school uniform over the summer, he promptly sent 50 pupils home in the first two days of term because they hadn’t bothered to wear it.

The school had given parents plenty of warning about the new-look blazer and tie and told them exactly where to buy them – so there was no excuse for getting it wrong.

A smart uniform sends out the message that a school is serious about what it does, proud of what it stands for and demands high standards.

My only gripes are that the school’s website says boys can wear a “single discreet stud” in their ears and the ties are clip-ons.

Are they telling us today’s generation are capable of flashing between three phone apps at once using a single overworked thumb, but can’t stick a simple knot in a tie?