Grant Woodward

Grant Woodward

Grant Woodward: David Cameron our worst Prime Minister? I’d say so

Ranking by Leeds academics puts him rock bottom of post-war table.

Sam Allardyce was undone by greed, not an error of judgement.

Grant Woodward: Big Sam exposes ugliness blighting beautiful game

Allardyce’s whining about ‘entrapment’ is nonsense. This newspaper sting did everyone, including football, a favour.

The characters in sitcom Fresh Meat spent most of their time at university getting drunk. And many real-life students aren't that different.

Grant Woodward: Does it really still pay to have a university degree?

These days youngsters should think long and hard about what education would work best for them.

MEMORIES: Leeds United's Alan Smith confronts Barcelona's Sergi during their Champions League draw at Elland Road in  2000. PIC: PA

Grant Woodward: Chaos at Leeds United is a barrier to city success

Constant turmoil at Elland Road is hurting Leeds’ chances of fulfilling its true potential.

The likes of the new Victoria Gate shopping centre don't tell the full story of 21st century Leeds.  Picture: James Hardisty.

Grant Woodward: This image of ‘rich Leeds’ could end up costing us

It’s not that Leeds is doing badly, but we’re not doing as well as some would have us believe.

INVOLVED: Modern fathers tend to take a more active role in parenting.

Grant Woodward: The real reason why dads take a parenting back seat

THERE’S a nappy change gap in Great Britain. Research has shown that middle class dads are twice as likely to go to ante-natal classes before the birth of a child as those from blue collar backgrounds.

Litter doesn't just blight Leeds' streets, it also costs us a fortune every year to clean up. Photo credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire.

Grant Woodward: Let’s declare war on litter louts

They’re not just blighting our streets, they’re also costing us a fortune.

Grant Woodward: Why go abroad for your hols when you live in Yorkshire?

Grant Woodward: Why go abroad for your hols when you live in Yorkshire?

We’re spending the summer making the most of the riches on our doorstep.

Samantha Cameron's stylist Isabel Spearman, right, has been nominated for an OBE in the former PM's honours list. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Grant Woodward: Cameron’s list must be nail in honours system’s coffin

Isabel Spearman gets an OBE for making sure Sam Cam’s colours don’t clash. Wasn’t her £60,000 salary reward enough?

New England manager Sam Allardyce. PIC: PA

Grant Woodward: Rollercoaster ride to Russia with Big Sam’s England

I’VE gazed into my crystal ball to reveal new England manager Sam Allardyce’s secret diary as he bids to take the Three Lions to the 2018 World Cup...

HISTORY BOY: Henrik Stenson celebrates winning the Open with a record score. But how many got to see it?

Grant Woodward: No hope of getting kids into sport if they can’t watch it

SOD’S law, wasn’t it? The first year that golf’s greatest tournament wasn’t on terrestrial telly and it turned out to be a belter.

New Prime Minister Theresa May makes a speech outside 10 Downing Street, London, after meeting Queen Elizabeth II and accepting her invitation to become Prime Minister and form a new government. PIC: PA

Grant Woodward: Theresa May’s shoes are the least of our troubles

It’s crazy that in the 21st century we’re still more interested in what a woman stands in than what she stands for.

Andrea Leadsom launches her bid for the Tory leadership. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Grant Woodward: Stop the news, I want to get off

We’re on News Overload. There’s just too much of the ruddy stuff to know what to do with.

A young England fan sobs after seeing England beaten by Iceland at Euro 2016. Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire.

Grant Woodward: England’s flops have it all – except an ounce of backbone

Our footballers lack the guts, courage and sheer bloody-mindedness to grind out a win when things are going against them, or even go down fighting.

As the third busiest in the UK, should Leeds railway station be better?

Grant Woodward: Train station needs to be a better advert for Leeds

There’s traffic chaos outside and inside the dingy concourses are stuck in a 1960s timewarp.

Crowds watching the Columbia Threadneedle ITU World Triathlon Series race on the large screen in Roundhay Park. Credit: James Hardisty.

Grant Woodward: Triathlon showed our kids what real heroes look like

Brownlees, council and the people of Leeds should all take a bow.

SIDESHOW: Ukip leader Nigel Farage holding his passport as he takes part in ITV's EU referendum debate.

Grant Woodward: EU debate stops us talking about what really matters

ARE you ready for two weeks of misery? No, not the England football’s latest doomed attempt to actually win something, but the countdown to You Know What.

Two-year-old Liam Fee was found dead at his home after being beaten so hard his heart ruptured.

Grant Woodward: This wretched catalogue of failure to protect children

Isn’t it time the so-called professionals in charge of our child protection agencies were hauled before a court?

Young protesters outside the North Yorkshire council meeting that gave fracking the go ahead. John Giles/PA Wire

Grant Woodward: Under this Government, we’re well and truly fracked

So Yorkshire doesn’t get a much-needed transport system but we do get to be fracking guinea pigs? Gee, thanks.

James Milner: "He's the Steve Davis of soccer. A superstar with his head screwed on."

Grant Woodward: It’s time we learned to love ‘boring’ James Milner

He’s the Steve Davis of soccer. A superstar with his head screwed on.

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