Do keep that holiday spirit going strong

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THE festive weekend is over, and now the holiday begins. Christmas is a strange one this year, falling as it has on a Saturday and Sunday.

It means that today we have woken up to a Monday morning with the big two days behind us and a week in front of us which, for many, will be time off work.

The temptation in this situation is to make yourself busy with lots of tasks, but this is one week of the year when the Yorkshire Evening Post is encouraging its readers to do just the opposite.

Today, the message is: don't get busy. Don't give in to any temptation to clean up festive debris, or if you do, make it the absolute necessary minimum.

Don't spend all day at the sales – if you really feel the need to pay them a visit, then dive in, satisfy your lust for bargains, and then dive out again. In fact, don't dive at all – think of it more as dipping a toe in the water.

Equally, don't see this once-a-year period as a time to catch up with jobs, to sort your diary for next year or to declutter.

Life will not end if you fail to spend this no-man's land between Christmas and New Year doing all the tasks you have put off the rest of the year.

You will not be punished if you don't make a tidy list of all the passwords and access numbers you have accumulated throughout the year, or similarly organise your existence. So don't do it.

Just as there is a Campaign for Slow Cooking, today we are declaring a campaign for slower living – for this one week at least.

If you are one of the people toiling away at work while the rest enjoy freedom, then make it your workplace mission to avoid stress, to keep calm and carry on, and to keep the festive spirit going just as much as you can.

The New Year will definitely bring many challenges. As the government cuts bite, plenty of us will face a tough year.

But, just for now, we are urging our readers to forget all that, and enjoy themselves

This week is for family and for friends, it is for watching

television, staying warm, playing with the toys Santa delivered.

It is for trips to the cinema, and for walks in the cold air to work up an appetite for all those goodies you frantically piled into the supermarket trolley last week, forgetting that your family was not about to experience either siege or famine. It is for reading newspapers and books, for watching that box set you received for Christmas, and for watching favourites films one more time.

No doubt you worked hard to provide the seasonal feast for your family, so now is the time to sit back and savour it.

Put your feet up and forget your troubles – it's not exactly an order but it is a heartfelt suggestion from us to you.

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