Discarded tents and sleeping bags at Leeds Festival to be distributed to people in need - 10 things you said

Hundreds of discarded sleeping bags and tents left behind at Leeds Festival have been collected to be distributed to people in need.

Thursday, 2nd September 2021, 4:45 pm

Thousands of people headed to Bramham Park for the festival and a huge clean-up operation began at the site on Monday, August 31, as footage showed large quantities of tents and rubbish that was left behind by attendees.

Carl Simpson, of non-for-profit Raise the roof Hull, which helps people in need across Yorkshire, headed to the site on Monday morning to collect the tents which will be handed out to rough sleepers to help them during the winter months.

Here's what you had to say...

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Discarded tents at Bramham Park as the clean up started after Leeds Festival.

Claire Louise Hobson: "Brilliant job collecting and making use of these tents but makes me so sad that we allow people to be homeless when there are so many empty places we could give these people. No one should be homeless it's awful. Lazy just leaving their stuff there really."

Lizzie Bunning: "Why not have tent, sleeping bag skips. Like at the tip for clothes. It would take 10 mins to sort out and as they leave to put into a number of big skips provided at exit points. Then those charities that need them can collect."

Aimée Louise: "Never understood why you wouldn’t take your tent with you and use it for the next festival you went to? Total waste of money."

Nick Jenkinson: "Jeez....the new generation? Should be ashamed, this is just vandalism of a beauty spot, nothing more, nothing less. This generation has never been told 'no', and it shows. No respect for anything. One saving grace is the amazing people cleaning up, and distributing the tents etc to the homeless. Should there have been a tent reclamation point?"

Elaine O'Brien: "Disgusting that people leave their rubbish for others to clear up after them. That said, its great that it can be put to good use."

Graham Leigh: "It's been the same for years, just glad homeless getting some of the stuff."

Charlotte Carlton: It’s every year, great to make use of the discarded tents. However the rubbish is shocking, why are people so ignorant!

Angela Susan: "We need to get the Leeds homeless charities into Bramham too, homeless street angels are always in need of tents and sleeping bags."

Teresa McCourt: "Trouble is only a fraction of the tents are going to help the homeless most will be heading to the tip. Charities have a limit as to how much they can take. They needed more people from other charities to come and collect some before they all get taken to the tip. Maybe next year just have a day event so no need for over night tents and sleeping bags."

Carol Davis: "Should be an extra charge per person to pay for the clean up. We all like a good time but how disrespectful can most people be."

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