Cutting Leeds' bus services amid city's transport woes is not the answer - the YEP says

How do you solve a problem like Leeds’ creaking transport network?

Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 11:45 am
How will cutting services help Leeds' transport woes?

By cutting vital bus services it would seem.

Sadly this isn’t a joke, this is what passengers along one of the main arterial routes in and out of Leeds are being faced with losing their service.

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These Leeds bus services are getting less frequent as of this weekend

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First Bus said the changes to the services from an average of three an hour to two an hour will ‘better reflect customer demand’.

How can cutting the number of buses on our city’s roads be the solution to encourage more people to ditch their cars and use the public transport system?

Does this mean that these passengers will be forced to get into their cars to add to the city’s congested road network? Surely this is short-sighted at best.

Our city deserves better than this.

Now that Christmas is upon us this should be the prime time for ensuring that people spend their hard-earned money right here in the heart of Leeds.

However, if there is little confidence in being able to get in and out of the city centre what impact could this have on footfall?

And how are we supposed to even start tackling Leeds’s transport woes when bus services look set to be axed?

Answers on a postcard.