Councillor slams coordination of Leeds City Council roadworks - 10 things you said...

A senior politician in Leeds has slammed the planning of road improvement schemes around the city, claiming he has “lost confidence in the council’s ability to coordinate”.

Tuesday, 24th August 2021, 4:45 pm

Work being coordinated by Leeds City Council, is expected to see around £20m of road improvements in the major west Leeds road junction.

But the roadworks, expected to last well into next year, are beginning to cause traffic congestion on the major Leeds-to-Bradford thoroughfare, leading to criticism from one of the council Labour administration’s biggest opponents.

“Traffic congestion is very bad,” said leader of the Leeds City Council Conservatives group Coun Andrew Carter.

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The leader of the Leeds City Council Conservatives group, Councillor Andrew Carter, crtiticsed the planning of road improvement schemes around the city.

Here are your thoughts on the roadwork situation across our city:

Julie Murphy: "Completely agree with him. Total lack of communication and coordination by LCC. Too many improvements schemes happening at the same time and it’s causing chaos across the whole city. There’s absolutely no excuse for the lack of planning."

Linda Murray: "What coordination? My grandchildren could do a better job."

Neil Wormy: "Finally someone with a voice saying exactly what Leeds residents have been saying for years. LCC are clueless when it comes to traffic management. The city centre roadworks are a disgrace."

Anne Russell: "Its horrendous the money Leeds must be losing with people staying out."

Des Weare: "It’s a disgrace and unorganised with everything being done at a snails pace."

Joan Kay: "I totally agree I'm okay going to work but coming home total disaster takes forever going towards Bradford."

Ann Noble: "I travelled to Leeds its a mess difficult to get round especially if unsure of the area."

Anne Heaton Was Kinder: "So true."

Steve Richards: "Leeds is a building site recently,road conditions ,potholes etc."

Steve Ward: "Every major road is dug up, the delays are a huge cost to commuters and business.